VCC/AVCC/VDD/AVDD differences

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The difference between v* and av* is: the difference between numbers and simulations
The difference between CC and DD is: the difference between the supply voltage and the operating voltage (usually VCC>VDD);

Digital Circuit power supply Vcc
Analog circuit power supply AVCC
VDD refers to the operating voltage, which is the power supply into the chip
The AVDD is an analog voltage or analog positive supply, which is powered from the chip to the outside.

1, for the digital circuit, VCC is the power supply voltage of the circuit, VDD is the operating voltage of the chip (usually VCC>VDD), the VSS is the pick-up location.
2. Some ICS have both a VDD pin and a VCC pin, indicating that the device itself has a voltage conversion function.
3. In the presence effector (or COMs device), VDD is the drain, VSS is the source, and Vdd and VSS refer to the component pin, not the supply voltage.
4, generally vcc= analog power supply, vdd= Digital power supply, vss= digital ground, vee= negative power supply

Monolithic integrated circuits may have both VCC port and AVCC port, I wonder if I can tell the difference between the two? And what's the difference between the two on the voltage?
VCC is a digital power supply and the AVCC is an analog power supply. A microcontroller with AVCC is a microcontroller that contains analog devices, such as an ad conversion circuit.
It is generally required that the voltage difference between AVCC and VCC must not exceed a certain value, for example, AVR microcontroller rules cannot exceed 0.3V.
When applied, VCC is directly connected to the system power, and other digital logic devices outside the chip are also connected to VCC, and the power of the analog circuitry outside the chip is AVCC. A low-pass filter is used to connect between VCC and AVCC. The typical parameters of the filter are: Inductance 10μh, capacitance 0.1μf on both sides.


VCC/AVCC/VDD/AVDD differences

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