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I still don't know what version management is like in the last year, and the company hasn't written in yet. It's not until Microsoft proposed the vs2005 term system that it will take time to manage versions, I think this is a great thing. It can be used for functions such as version comparison, Apsara stack, website definition, and production, it is much easier to save various versions by using case code, renaming, and RAR. I created a VPC to access the security team Foundation server, there was no good preparation period, because it was too slow, the team Foundation server had a high demand, and our students did not have a second computer, so they had to say that they had to accept the ticket, it's a pity that the boss is not a student. net, the company only has one student. net, the team Foundation server can only be used on vs, and has the same function, but only I can share it with others. So I used an unknown version to control the software. Although there are not many functions, however, there are also basic functions, and the boss later found the SourceForge Enterprise Edition system, SourceForge Enterprise In addition to version control, the edition also has the case management function. Our company uses this system to manage the lifecycle of the entire community. It took nearly one year, it has already become an issue that even a small program wants to manage. Unfortunately, the company's systems cannot be used for it, so I have to find a platform by myself, opensource websites can be deployed, but you have to open your own ghost program. I am really sorry, so I decided to try it on my own.

Security guard SourceForge Enterprise Edition

The security of SourceForge Enterprise Edition (below) is very simple and can be set up around the clock. It is already running on Linux using VMware security, we only need to use vmplayer to configure the website and other settings for the VM image in the next generation. The method is as follows.

First, go to the lower-and middle-end websites below. About MB of the lower-end websites are zip files.



The released solution has the following content:

  • Vmwareplayer
  • Imagefile
  • Install_guide.pdf
  • Readme.txt

First install vmwareplayer, and then upload images under imagefileSourceForge. vmxAutomatically activates vmwareplayer, such as supervisor 1.



  Set SourceForge Enterprise Edition

Login Login: Root Password: SourceForge. After login, you will be asked if you want to enter the configuration option Y, and enter the configuration area, such as limit 2.


Select two IP addresses

  • Static networking (static IP)
  • Dynamic networking (DHCP)

This depends on the individual environment. I chose static IP, and third, my settings.

March 3

The next step is to set SMTP. On the internet, SPEE has an internal SMTP, so you only need to write the email of the Administrator, such as audit 4, if you want to use your SMTP, change the settings.


I will ask you if you want to manually trigger SourceForge. Of course, select yes and then initialize it by minute (the initialization of a complete image is more than 3g)

If you choose no, you can use the following two commands to perform manual operation.

  • Run the command/etc/init. d/SourceForge-standalone start
  • Run the command/etc/init. d/SourceForge-integration start

If you want to change the settings, there are two ways

  • After logging on again, select y
  • Run the command/root/

The above information has a more complete description in install guid.pdf


Use SourceForge Enterprise Edition

Use the zookeeper to configure the IP address set by your zookeeper, such as http: //


Admin Password admin: Spee is mainly divided into three types by case. You can add three empty case accounts on your own, A case study has the following functions, such as limit 6.


Yi yiming:

  • Tracker: it can be used to search for buckets such as buckets.
  • Documents: the document of the statement, which can be stored here.
  • Tasks: work.
  • Source code: source start code, which is also the focus of this article.
  • Discussioins: Forum.
  • Reports: tables Table.
  • File releases: release version.

Select source code to create a new storage zone. There are two modes: CVs and subversion. I prefer subversion, both the project name and the storage region must beEnglish letter.


Route 7

Route 8

The is the address of the source worker, such as eight


Upgrade to SourceForge Enterprise Edition

After the server is ready, the client is selected. Many cinet types are supported, such

  • Tortoisesvn
  • Ankhsvn: VS 2005 addins free
  • Visual SVN: VS 2005 addins

This document uses tortoisesvn as the client tool. The procedure is as follows:

Create a new resource, select SVN checkout on the right, and enter the created address the URL of repostitory.


December 10

In this document, we can choose to upload or download images on the right side, such as the 11th day.


  • Show log can be used to view the logs
  • Update to revision


Remark: This article provides a simple interface and application. You can search online for more details.


Additional test resources

Download, install, and use SourceForge Enterprise Edition download 4.3

Subversion support in Visual Studio 2005

Use Subversion for Version Control

Tortoisesvn concise use


More resources

There are many projects in the official SourceForge Enterprise Edition project, and many available resources are as follows:

SPDF sfee files, such as WebService instructions in sf_4_3_developer_guide.pdf

SourceForge. Net SDK Desktop Management Tool

Path to Version Control-Use Subversion, version 2nd

Subversion Chinese special website

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