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Author: User Yan's ArticleRecommended. These articles are related to vertical search and classified websites. Add to favorites. What is the secret to winning the classification information platform? How do people attract people in an eye-catching economy society who are under grievance? How to operate classified websites! Do not break away from the value of the platform to discuss the profit model! From the Internet users in the virtual CommunityAccording to the behavior of classification websites to view the development of internet classification information from the market:

I have also included two articles about Craigslist.

Interestingly, I think:
1. Craigslist is not the first to make money. He does not build a website to make money. At least it is a Leifeng model. Ms also applies classification, but it misinterprets the secrets of others' success. I always want to bind users. In consideration of convenience and time cost, users will select Craigslist, although its interface is indeed too earthy. However, the UI principle is not important in Craigslist. Craig Newmark said that many of Ms's magic weapons (C2C tools such as MSN) do not need these for simple transactions.

2. Overall user level on the internet, I refer to people who trade through communities or classified advertisements. Their level cannot be compared with the computer and network level of professional IT staff. IT staff have mastered the skills of survival, making money, and trading on the Internet. But for ordinary users (a large number of non-IT staff do not even register a QQ number, but do not know how to retrieve the password, but everyone knows how to chat, because only two simple steps of "input text" and "send" are required, the computer may be a dinosaur (especially in China ). So it is simple, practical, and fast. It is a secret to Craigslist. Many so-called business people speak poorly. Install QQ, Skype, and outlook and ask for help. The so-called Simplicity is the first principle for them.

3. businessmen are always full of business models, how to make money, or even make money. There are currently N searches, so I hate to fry the advertisement for 10 yuan/time. Social consciousness is completely distorted. In fact, enterprises are being elevated, hung, and finally slaughtered.

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