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What is the beautiful free pure JavaScript chart library Highcharts?

Highcharts is a graph library written in pure JavaScript. It is easy and convenient to add interactive charts on websites or web applications, it is also free for personal learning, personal websites, and non-commercial use. Currently, HighCharts supports the following chart types: curve chart, region chart, column chart, pie chart, scatter chart, and comprehensive chart.

The HighCharts interface is beautiful. Because it is written in JavaScript, you do not need a plug-in like Flash or Java to run it quickly. In addition, HighCharts has good compatibility and can perfectly support most browsers currently. The latest official version is HighCharts2.3.5.


Good compatibility: It works well in all modern browsers, including iPhone, iPad, and even Internet Explorer 6. Standard browsers use SVG to draw images, while traditional Internet Explorer uses VML to draw images.

Free for non-commercial users: whether you want to use Highcharts on your personal website, school website, or any non-profit organization, you do not need to be authorized.

Open-source: Whether you are using the Highcharts free version or commercial license version, you can download its source code and make your own modifications, which gives users great freedom.

Pure JavaScript: Highcharts is completely based on the local browser technology and does not need to rely on client plug-ins like Flash or Java. In addition, you do not need to install anything on the server, including PHP or ASP. NET. Highcharts only needs two core files: highcharts. js core files and one of jQuery, MooTools, or Prototype frameworks, which may have been used on your webpage for a long time.

Multiple chart types: Highcharts supports common chart types such as line chart, line chart, Area Chart, area graph, column chart, pie chart, and scatter chart, they can also be combined into a chart.

Simple configuration Syntax: Configuring Highcharts does not require any programming technology. Its configuration variables only require a simple JavaScript Object.

Dynamic: You can use a complete API to add, delete, and modify series and data points at any time after creating a chart, as well as the axis. Many events provide hooks for chart programming, combined with AJAX APIs of jQuery, MooTools, or Prototype framework. They even provide solutions for displaying server data in real time and dynamically.

Multi-axis: Sometimes you need to compare different metric data, such as temperature, rainfall, and air pressure. Highcharts allows you to set different Y axes for each dataset, if you want to compare different types of data, you can set different x axes. Each axis can be placed at any position on the top, down, or down of the chart. All options can be set separately, including flip, style, and position.

Tip label: When you hover your mouse over any point or series in a chart, a toolbar prompt containing relevant information is displayed. When you move the mouse over the chart, it automatically selects the point closest to the mouse for display, which greatly facilitates viewing chart data.

Timeline: 75% of charts contain a timeline as the X axis. Highcharts is very intelligent and can be precise to milliseconds. It can also mark the beginning of a month or the beginning of a week, and even midnight and noon.

Export and print: if the export module is enabled, you can click the export button to export the chart to PNG, JPG, PDF or SVG format, or print it directly.

Zoom: you can zoom in and out to view more details about what you are interested in the chart. The Zoom can be applied on the X or Y axis, or on both axes.

External data loading: Highcharts data comes from a JavaScript array. Therefore, data can be defined in a local configuration object, a separate file, or even from different websites. In addition, data can be transmitted to Highcharts in any form, with only one callback function that parses the data as an array.

Angle meter: For dashboard and angle meter, Highcharts provides a chart similar to speed meter, allowing you to view data at a glance.

Polar chart: a chart in the Cartesian coordinate system can be converted to a polar chart or a radial chart with simple options.

Reverse or flip a chart: Sometimes you need to flip the chart to make the X axis vertical, which is also supported.

Rotation label: all text labels, including axis labels, data point labels, and axis title labels, can be rotated at any angle.

Call Method

Var chart = new Highcharts. Chart ({

Chart :{...}

Colors: [{…}]

Credits :{...}

Exporting :{...}

Global :{...}

Labels :{...}

Lang :{...}

Legend :{...}

Loading :{...}

Navigation :{...}

Pane :{...}

PlotOptions :{...}

Series: [{…}]

Subtitle :{...}

Title :{...}

Tooltip :{...}

XAxis :{...}

YAxis :{...}


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