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Basic Tips
  1. Comply with Google Adsense terms and agreements, this is Google's game, comply with their rules, ask Google questions.
  2. High traffic is the most important, can be appropriate for SEO
  3. Content for the king, often update your website.
  4. Provide value to your visitors.
  5. Use a few tricks to double your income.
  6. Keep on experimenting.
  7. Do not hold AdSense, try other ad distribution network. Don't place content-related ads together. )
  8. Keep on learning.
  9. Never give up.
    Extended Hints
    A few items are duplicated and not rearranged to conform to the original.
  10. AdSense revenue = number of ads show x clicks x Click Price x Smart Pricing factor (smart Price)
  11. The number of ads displayed based on your site traffic, the item represents the number of AdSense ads display. (nonsense)-. -! )
  12. Hits for the number of clicks ads Show the number of ads, the basic range of 0.1%-30%, most of the 1%-10% (Chinese advertising is low, the mainland region, the average click rate of about 0.2%).
  13. Click for the revenue per click, generally according to The Advertiser pay the click Price decision.
  14. Smart pricing mechanism for Google to measure your site advertising value of the system, if your site users click on ads after the conversion to the proportion of users, you can only get a lower income.
  15. Through the application AdSense project, the account approval speed faster.
  16. Don't click on the ads on your site, and don't let your friends click on them, including using a proxy server. Google will immediately check the server Proxy service and have a large number of proxy server addresses.
  17. Do not use the automatic click Program.
  18. Do not require visitors to click on ads, AdSense ads around only allow the "sponsor link" or "advertising" words. The advertisement can be put on the positive propaganda text. )
  19. Do not place AdSense Web pages to place content matching ads, such as Yahoo Publisher Network, Baidu theme promotion. You can place ads that are not automatically associated with the page.
  20. Do not place ads at the, violate the legal site or have copyright issues (such as MP3 download) sites.
  21. Accessing your own site will not cause your account to be closed, but do not click on any ads.
  22. Constantly refreshing your own Web pages may cause your account to be closed. (This will affect the number of shows and clicks)
  23. Do not deceive Google Adsense,google more experience than you ever have.
  24. When you have questions about the terms, take the initiative to contact Google and they will reply you soon.
  25. Do not place too many ads on the same page.
  26. You can search for high-priced keywords through, but be aware that there are a lot of competitors.
  27. Find the right keywords through the Overture keyword analysis tool: Google AdWords and Google trends have similar features. )
  28. Consider joining Google AdWords and advertising on a small scale, which will help you understand the operation mechanism of AdSense.
  29. Place your target keyword in the title of the page. A better representation of the Web page name and directory. )
  30. Repeat your keywords in the text. (not more than 5%, preferably 3%)
  31. Learn HTML.
  32. Use bold tags on keywords such as <b>, <strong>, and so on.
  33. Include the target keyword as much as possible in the domain name.
  34. Submit your site to a well-known web directory system, such as, Yahoo directory and so on.
  35. Submit your site to each search engine.
  36. Use Google Sitemap.
  37. Instead of just Google-optimized pages, there are many search engines.
  38. Soft Advertising (gun draft) is the best SEO method, in the article author information contains your Web link, and then submit to a well-known website.
  39. Do not use malicious means to leave users, such as spyware, browser hijacking methods, which will enable your account to be blocked.
  40. New visitors are more likely to click on ads than those who often visit your site.
  41. People who visit your site more often will be more likely to recommend your site to others.
  42. Most of the new visitors from the search engine, do a good job of Web page optimization (SEO).
  43. Do not set up a mirrored site, which is a Web site with different URLs and the same content.
  44. Setting up multiple click-per-unit sites is easier than a few highs to hit the site.
  45. A forum is usually a display number and a low click rate.
  46. CTR is not the most important, if the conversion rate is too low (click Users into Advertisers customers), the advertising unit price will not be high.
  47. Follow good web design to avoid common mistakes.
  48. Optimize the site navigation design, which will help to extend the user's stay in the site.
  49. Using Google Analytics statistics to access information, which helps SEO.
  50. Different forums have different ad hot areas, usually the left Control Panel, the first paste bottom and footer front.
  51. Forum is the exchange of exchanges, pay attention to hot issues.
  52. Try 300x250, 336x280,160x600 and other high CTR ad formats.
  53. Edit the palette using the main tones of the Web page to mix the ads with the content.
  54. Let the text of the article revolve around the advertising unit.
  55. Close to the ads around the picture helps to increase the click rate.
  56. Use advertising channels to track different locations, different colors of the advertising unit.
  57. Text ads and picture ads are selected.
  58. Translation: Cloudream, reprint please keep this information.
  59. AdSense contains CPM ads, AdSense will automatically choose to display. It usually takes a advertiser to specify a website to display, CPM: Pay per thousand shows. )
  60. Both picture ads and text ads may have CPM ads.
  61. AD link units can be placed at the bottom of the page.
  62. Try placing the Adsense for search box at the bottom.
  63. In improving the quality of content more effort, AdSense is not an overnight rich project.
  64. Remove links to low quality web sites.
  65. Search for "AdSense Tips" in Google, there are many webmaster will share experience with you.
  66. Here is the blog to put AdSense suggestions.
  67. Focus on Inside AdSense (Google AdSense official blog). China users can subscribe via this feed: Http://
  68. You can get more experience and assistance from the AdSense Help group.
  69. If you want to live AdSense, buy AdSense secrets. (a cautious reference .) )
  70. Less advertising units, through the channel to find the highest unit price on the page of the advertising unit, remove other advertising units.
  71. Keep experimenting and experimenting with new advertising formats.
  72. Unless your site is large enough, otherwise remove "Advertise on this Website" link, this can avoid many MFA website (Made for AdSense, make for AdSense website). You can disable it in the account settings.
  73. Advertising display based on the location of visitors, try AdSense ads Preview tool.
  74. Use "Competitive advertising filters" To remove bad site ads, including theft of other people's website content, provide a lot of useless links.
  75. Use "Competitive advertising filters" to remove irrelevant ads.
  76. includes a few ad URLs that can be filtered out.
  77. Try to constantly change the advertising position, color, style, so that visitors to advertising more unpredictable.
  78. Learn the simple CSS
  79. If you place more than one ad unit, place a high unit price AD unit in the front of the HTML position, you can use CSS positioning.
  80. Use URL-oriented for dynamic web address to change to static web address. (the URL that does not contain the parameters)
  81. Verify Web page HTML and CSS.
  82. How many articles to split into several small articles. Split by topic, an article divided into multiple pages is not conducive to advertising matching. )
  83. Each article focuses on one subject.
  84. Focus on the statistical system and pay attention to the articles that bring more visitors.
  85. Post a topic that is more appealing to visitors.
  86. People who are familiar with computer networks rarely click on ads.
  87. Have patience and increase the flow time needed.
  88. Make long-term plans, analyze what your visitors need, and improve the value of your site.
  89. Pay attention to daily income, feel the data is abnormal when timely notify Google, your competitor may maliciously click on your ads or your friends will click on your ads, and think he is helping you.
  90. Use "sector positioning" to improve the advertising match.
  91. Use "Alternative ad links" to prevent Google from matching your web pages.
  92. Use multiple palettes to prevent users from creating blind spots for advertising.
  93. Try Yahoo Publisher network, Baidu theme promotion and other projects. But do not place AdSense advertising units on the page.
  94. You can place ads for sales alliances such as the Amazon Ad League on the page, but it should be an ad that does not automatically match the content of the Web page.
  95. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will cause your account to be closed and the individual will never be able to apply for the AdSense project again.
  96. If you comply with the terms and conditions and the account is closed, write to Google, pay attention to the polite, do not lose heart, you can provide your server access log, as far as possible to prove your innocence.
  97. More links to your site, such as e-mail signature, forum signature, blog comments and so on.
  98. Submit your article to the Web site, such as Digg, and so on.
  99. Provides a link to "email this article to friends".
  100. Master your AdSense report, according to the source of advertising revenue to determine the future content of the site.
  101. Provide Web site update notification. (for example, mailing lists or RSS documents.) )
  102. You can find most of the information you need in the AdSense help.

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