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1. Xiao Wei's spiritual path

2. Chen yusi yuan (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Co.,

3. Rachel Zhang's blog

4. zouxy09 (Min Xiaoyi) of South China University of Technology (deep learning, image segmentation, Kinect Development Learning, compression sensing)

5. Love cvpr

6, focus on algorithms, love programming

7. crazy_sparrow column

8. iteration is human, recursion is the of God (Yang Xin)

9. thefutureisour column

10. Computer Vision cainiao column (vitolee)

11. Liu weipeng | Luo Yun of C ++
If you are interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, knowledge discovery, and cognitive science, this blog is definitely a treasure!

12. Smile at your life and stand proudly at the forefront of your blog:
Lin Dahua, a very good technical blog, is a bachelor of science and technology at China University of Science and Technology and a master's degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently studying at MIT. There are many profound and interesting technical articles and reading experiences in my blog, which often make me complain. Those boring mathematical principles can also be so interesting. Friends in mathematics and Matlab may wish to look at O (∩ _ ∩) O more.

13. Non-assignment blogs:
A student studying at South China University of Technology does not know him, but he will go to his blog every week. Maybe it's because of his own age, reading his blog and his experiences, and having a great resonance with him. In year 21, I concentrated on writing an article. I recently finished the article and sent it to the famous American Control Conference meeting. It felt like a decade of hard work; I am currently applying for a prestigious U.S. university. I wish him a success.

The footsteps of peers are the best way to spur yourself to make unremitting strides ......

14. Swaying blogs:
In the past, when I learned wavelet, I came into contact with a blog, which is quite good. In addition, I also had some experiences and feelings about music and real life. Everyone's life stories have special highlights.

15. blog of the radish station:
Strong MATLAB, blog has n multi-wavelet, chaos and other aspects of Matlab code sharing, there are a lot of Matlab programming skills to answer.

16. A blog with a palace in the sky:
There are a lot of learning materials for Matlab and mathematics, especially code sharing.


17. image processing and computer vision basics, classic and recent developments (very good, highly recommended)




18. Video Monitoring and Computer Vision





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