Very good Linux study book, recommend everyone to see

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Very good Linux study book, recommend everyone to see

This book is a high-quality Linux technology self-study book written by a number of Red Hat Architects (RHCA) based on the RHEL7 system, each chapter of knowledge points from a practical and strong coherence, ideal for Linux beginners or as a Linux-related teaching material, focusing on Linux systems and Red Hat certification. Currently is the most worthy to read the Linux textbook, but also the most valuable Linux experiment manual,
Chapters include:
The No. 0 Chapter lets us talk about learning methods and red Hat systems.
The 1th chapter deploys the virtual environment to install the Linux system.
The 2nd chapter is the Linux command that novice must master.
The 3rd chapter is the pipeline character, redirection and environment variables.
The 4th Chapter VIM editor and Shell command script.
5th Chapter user identity and file permissions.
The 6th chapter is about storage structure and disk partition.
7th Chapter Iptables and FIREWALLD Firewall.
The 8th chapter uses the SSH service to manage the remote host.
The 9th chapter uses Apache services to deploy static Web sites.
The 10th chapter uses the VSFTPD service to transfer files.
The 11th chapter uses Samba or NFS for file sharing.
The 12th chapter uses bind to provide the domain name resolution service.
The 13th chapter uses DHCP to dynamically manage host addresses.
The 14th chapter uses postfix and Dovecot to send and receive e-mails.
The 15th chapter uses squid to deploy the proxy cache service.
16th. Deploy networked storage using iSCSI services.
The 17th chapter deploys the directory service using OPENLDAP.
The 18th chapter uses the MARIADB database management system.
19th. Deploy an unattended installation using Pxe+kickstart.
The 20th chapter uses the LNMP architecture to deploy the dynamic site environment.
Be interested in Linux must add a collection, online learning URL is
Accessories: Linux Getting Started tutorial

Very good Linux study book, recommend everyone to see

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