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1. When others do not like disturbing themselves, they do not want to shut down. Here is a way to turn their numbers into empty numbers.
Enter ** 21*999999 # and press the dial-out key when making a call. When someone calls you, your number becomes blank.
Enter #21 # again, and press the dial-out key again.
PS: this function is free of charge for mobile companies. It should be a mobile phone number vulnerability. You can experiment on the spot. If you think it is easy to use, you can transfer it to your friends. You will get it if you don't want to answer the sad call from her or her.

2. Identify the quality of mobile phones
Press * #06 # first, and a serial number will appear on your mobile phone. Then you will be counted to the seventh and eighth numbers.
If your seventh and eighth numbers correspond to the following two numbers, then the quality of your mobile phone is determined.
Or, which is a poor mobile phone
0, 8, or 8, 0. It's a better phone.
0, 1, or 1, 0 is a very good mobile phone.
0, 0 indicates that it is produced by the origin company and is the best quality mobile phone (original mobile phone)
1, 3 indicates that it is produced by aselbaiji and is a very poor mobile phone.

Invisible backup battery
Your cell phone is underpowered. to enable it to continue using it, press the * 3370 # key and the phone will restart. After it is started, you will find that the power usage has increased by 50%. When the hidden backup battery is used up, you have to charge it. When you recharge the battery, the invisible backup battery is also charged. You can use this method when the power usage is low next time. I know this is useful if the cell phone power is insufficient in an emergency.

2. Is the vehicle remote control in the car?

Can the remote control be enabled for your vehicle? If you can, one day, you will find that you have a mobile phone that is very convenient, and you can use a mobile phone to dial the mobile phone of your family, take your phone 1 feet away from the door, and press the unlock key on the remote control next to your phone with the remote control. This method works no matter how far you drive away from home.

3. Emergencies

Mobile phones around the world can call a common emergency rescue number of 112. If you find that your region is not covered by a mobile phone signal, and you are in an emergency, you can call 112 on your mobile phone, because your mobile phone will automatically search for all available networks and create an emergency call. Even if your phone is locked on the keyboard, you can call 112. Try it!

4. Is the mobile phone stolen?

There is a way to make thieves useless, hey! To view the serial number of a mobile phone, just type * #0 6 #. The 15-bit serial number will appear on the mobile phone screen. Each mobile phone in the world has a unique serial number, record and save the serial number. One day, if your mobile phone is stolen, you can call your mobile phone provider and provide your mobile phone serial number. They will shield your mobile phone, even if the thief changes the SIM card, still unable to use, your mobile phone has become useless for thieves. If every mobile phone holder in the world does this, it makes no sense to steal a mobile phone. In Australia, the police even set up a stolen mobile phone database. If your mobile phone is found, it can be returned to you.

Routine maintenance is required:

1. Do not charge the cell phone battery until no power is available.

Generally, we have an idea that the battery power of our mobile phones should be completely put and recharged. This is basically true, because most of the rechargeable battery we used previously were Ni-H (NI) batteries, however, MH-Ni battery has a so-called memory effect. If the battery is not fully charged and then recharged, the battery life will decrease rapidly. Therefore, we will use the last power drop to start charging. However, most of the current mobile phones and General Ia products use lithium (LI) batteries, and the lithium battery has no memory effect. If you still wait until all the power is used up and then charge again, it will make the lithium battery internal chemicals unable to respond and reduce the life. The best way is to recharge your battery whenever and wherever possible, so that your battery is available for a long time. This is the information obtained from the vendor and tested by itself.

2. When the phone is being charged, do not answer the phone !!

The reason is that when a mobile phone is charging, it is potentially dangerous to answer incoming calls. In India, a 31-year-old man who worked as a business manager in an insurance company answered the phone when his mobile phone was still charger for more than a decade. After a few seconds, a large amount of current went through the mobile phone, the young man fell to the ground. When his family found out, his fingers burned, his heartbeat was weak, and he had lost consciousness. After being urgently sent to the hospital, the doctor declared that the hospital had died. Mobile phone is the most commonly used modern invention. However, we must be aware of the danger of death from the instrument.

3. Do not use the remaining cell phone

When there is only one grid, the transmission intensity is more than 1000 times different. So ...... People who often talk about mobile phones ...... Please note that ...... ^ 0 ^ a very important message from a mobile phone dealer yesterday, that is, when you find that there is only one cell phone receiving intensity, you 'd rather stop talking or switch to a public phone. don't talk about it, talk about it, get it done, get it done, and get it done... Why? We all know that mobile phone electromagnetic waves have always been a worrying issue. the mobile phone is designed to maintain a relatively high quality of calls in areas with poor reception, which will enhance the electromagnetic emission intensity of mobile phones. when the received message is full and only one grid is left, the emission intensity is more than 1000 times different. electromagnetic Wave intensity up to 0.6 W (Watt ). how strong is 0.6w? I cannot describe the negative effects on your head, but I can use two examples to compare them:

1) Turn the volume of the small radio around 4 centimeters in diameter to the maximum and stick it on the ear. The noise energy is generally 0.25 W, less than 0.5 W.

2) Place the finger in front of the laser light with an output intensity of (equivalent to the optical fiber network? D trunk line energy) in a few seconds you will feel burning. Can you endure these two conditions for a long time?

3) How do you confirm that the electromagnetic wave of W will be okay if it is close to your ears?

4.12593 + phone number = trap

Do you store the phone numbers of friends from other countries in the format of 17951 + phone numbers in the phone number book? Instead of dialing separately? Then the charge will change from 0.39 yuan per minute to 1.3 yuan per minute. I also asked 1860 about their explanation: If it is stored in the phone number book? The system will be unrecognizable. Therefore, you cannot get a preferential price. You must press 12xxx directly on the keyboard each time. So are shenzhouxing users? The same is true for users in dynamic regions. If you are a Chinese mobile user, when you know that China Mobile has set the following traps for you, you will not be surprised why your phone bills fly away like wings. A 12593 + phone number can be used for a discount, but if you have prefixed the phone book with "12593 + phone number", call it out and pull it out, at this time, China Mobile does not admit that you have used the 12593 discount method, but you are billed based on the direct dial method. If you are roaming, the two billing methods can be 7 times different! When I learned that I was so charged, I really did not know how to express my anger. When I called 10086 for consultation, if I did not ask this question, the lady with the employee ID 6608 won't tell me the charge.

5. Parasite for Mobile Phone Fee
The mobile phone is inexplicably set to useless text messages. It is strongly recommended that you check whether you have any tricks. The simplest way is to unsubscribe to the parasite that steals your mobile phone fee every month! China Mobile is forced to launch a new business in 3.15. If you are a mobile phone user of China Mobile, enter the number "0000" and send a text message to 10086. Then, a text message list will be automatically returned within several seconds, it shows which text message services have been customized on your mobile phone, and which text message service providers deduct your mobile phone fee every month. Enter the number "00000" and send the text message to 186201, you can unsubscribe to all SMS services.

6. Don't rush for just one minute

We often make a call in order to end before, but this is not the case. According to a Chinese mobile employee, in fact, when you call, it takes about one minute, SO ~ The call time at is actually two minutes of money ~

7. When a mobile phone enters the water, please remember not to perform any button actions, especially Shutdown (when you press any action, the water will immediately follow the circuit board stream string). The correct method is to immediately open the external cover, directly remove the battery and force the power off directly. This prevents the motherboard from being attacked by water.

This common sense is very important, so I would like to tell you how to make your mobile phone available for a longer time. Learn it! For future use!

8. How to bring the cell phone battery back to life
When your mobile phone battery takes longer (memory effect or aging), will you buy another battery to replace it?
Next time you encounter this situation, please save your money and tell you a very effective way to try it:

1) wrap the battery in a newspaper and wrap it in a plastic bag for three days in the freezer (the newspaper can absorb excess water)

2) After three days, the normal temperature is removed for two days.
3) charge the battery two days later and pack the battery into the mobile phone package for testing (80%-90% can be saved)
This message was reported by well-known battery manufacturer engineers and was effective according to tested friends.
The battery is useless, and the refrigerator is available to everyone. You may try it!

9. Make a CPR for your phone!

Does a mobile phone often lose power? Or is it not long before the power is fully loaded?
Have you ever wondered whether the life of your mobile phone is over?
Don't worry, it's just a moment of "heartbeat stopped", as long as a small eraser will be able to return to life!
After removing the battery, use an eraser to clean the contacts (brass tablets) on the battery and install them on your cell phone. You will find it amazing! It actually got live! It's like a new one!
It is really useful for your reference!

10. Teach you how to eliminate cell phone screen scratches

Do you often encounter scratches on your cell phone screen and do not know how to handle them?
Let us know a good recipe... (I saw it on TV a few days ago)
Squeeze the right amount of toothpaste on the wet cloth and then apply it to the front and right sides of the scratch area on the mobile phone screen .....
You will find that the screen scratches on your mobile phone disappear ...!!
What's more amazing... after a clean rag or toilet paper is used, the screen will become brighter ....
Professor of big chemistry said: the principle of toothpaste is that it is only auxiliary supplies for brushing teeth, with friction (repair) and removal of plaque, cleaning and polishing the tooth surface, therefore, using it on the mobile phone screen will have the same effect.

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