Very simple simulation,

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Problem Description
Welcome to Zhejiang University of Technology fourth session of the program design contest!
But wait a moment! The referee Joe said he had to answer his question correctly before he could see Pipi balloon Mm,kuku's balloon Gg.
Joe has 7 cards with a capital letter on each card, z,j,u,t,a,c,m. Now he's performing magic, swapping only two of the cards at a time. After the show, please point out the card containing the letter J. Input
The first line of positive integer n (1<=n<=1000) indicates that there is a subsequent n set of test data.
The first line of the integer m (0<=m<=1000) for each set of test data represents the M-exchange operation; the second line has m pairs of integers <x,y> represents the top-down, starting from 1 numbered x and y cards. At first, the top 7 cards were ZJUTACM, That is, the position of the J card is 2. Output
For each set of test data, the position of the output J card. Sample Input
1 6 5 3
1 2
Sample Output

It seems very difficult to get through, in fact, very simple. The normal method can be too. directly on the code.

#include <stdio.h>int main () {    int n,i,t1,t2;    scanf ("%d", &n);    while (n--)    {        int sum=2;  Let sum=2 represent the position of card 2 directly.        int m;        scanf ("%d", &m);        for (i=1;i<=m;i++)        {            scanf ("%d%d", &t1,&t2);            if (t2==sum)  //  equal then Exchange                sum=t1;            else    if (t1==sum)                sum=t2;   ditto        }        printf ("%d\n", sum);  Get the final position when you're done.    }}

Very simple simulation,

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