Vibrato/Volcano Shenzhen team is vigorously recruiting: Senior infrastructure/Senior Engineers welcome you to join the daily live 150 million vibrato, a total of a miracle!

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Vibrato Day live 150 million ~

More than a year to reach the first 5000W day live.

A quarter to reach the second 5000W day live

One months to reach the third 5000W day of work.

You are welcome to join the vibrato, a total of a miracle!

At present, the domestic daily life of vibrato breakthrough 150 million, becoming one of the fastest growing products in the history of mobile internet in the world.

From 0 to billions, the headlines only took two years, faced with a lot of challenges, to get rid of the gravity growth, not by luck and tuyere, but to create a group of people.

The current byte beats the vibrato/volcano team in Shenzhen Research and Development Center

Intensive recruitment of senior/senior engineers in infrastructure

Job description

1, for the headline business development to provide research and development framework, monitoring, general services;

2, design a reasonable business and technical framework, and promote the landing of technical specifications;

3, research and development of basic service components, to solve the common needs, reduce duplication of development;

4, new technology research and application, and promote the application of suitable technology in production.

Job Requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above, computer, communication and other related majors;

2, proficient in the Linux environment of c/c++/go/python/shell/php and other 1 to more than 2 languages;

3, understand the technical challenges of micro-service architecture, and have corresponding solutions;

4, solid technical Foundation, familiar with performance, usability, scalability, extensibility, security, operation and maintenance monitoring, integration release, etc.

5, familiar with the theory of business architecture design, familiar with the industry's common architecture scheme;

6, positive and optimistic, strong sense of responsibility, serious and meticulous work, with a good sense of service, with good team communication and collaboration skills;

7, love programming, have strong learning ability and abstract ability, have a strong thirst for knowledge, curiosity and initiative, can timely pay attention to and learn the latest technology in the industry.

One of the following conditions is preferred:

Core and operating system related development experience is preferred;

With programming language, Memcache, Redis, NSQ,ZERO-MQ and other open source projects or source code analysis experience is preferred;

Large-scale platform PHP, Python, Golang Research and development experience is preferred.

You are welcome to join a fast track, to create a better life for users, to create a global creation and exchange platform.



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