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1. premiere5.5

Premiere5.5 is the most popular video editing software. It supports MPEG4. We can use it to edit MPEG4 files, just like editing normal videos. After the video project is edited, if you want to generate MPEG4, you can select File/export/movie. The export movie dialog box is displayed, as shown in 1.

Figure 1 export a movie file dialog box
Click the Settings button to bring up the export movie settings Panel. In the first drop-down list, select video settings, and then click compressor (compression mode), that is, in the second drop-down list, select mrcrosoft MPEG-4 video codec V1/V2, as shown in 2.

Figure 2 Export movie settings panel
Click OK to complete the selection of MPEG4 format, return to the export movie dialog box, give the file a name, and click "save" to generate MPEG4 with Avi as the suffix.

2. Flask MPEG

Flask MPEG is an excellent multimedia conversion format. In addition to converting MPEG 1/MPEG 2 audio and video files to other common multimedia audio and video formats, if we have installed the MPEG-4 codec above on our computer, we can also use it to convert the supported movie files into the most popular MPEG-4 movies currently. Here we will introduce how to use flask MPEG to convert a MPEG-1 file into a DivX (MPEG-4) film.
Step 1: Open the MPEG-1 film file to be converted with Flask MPEG, select file ==> open media, and then select a file from your computer.
If you want to convert a. DAT video file (generally a VCD-format audio/video file) to a DivX (MPEG-4) film, you must first use another Conversion Program Convert. dat to. mpg so that flask MPEG can be read.
Step 2: the video and audio loading time is determined by the size of the file to be read.
Step 3: here we can see the video information of the loaded video. If you want to view the audio information, press the "audio player" key on the right. Now, press the "Configure" key, go to the video output option settings.
Step 4: In the vedio tag, change the frame size to the same size as the video file information in the previous step, and then select the size of the frames per second (FPS, the higher the FPS value, the smoother the film, but the file will be a little larger. Here I select 25, so that the smoothness will not be lost too much, and the file will be smaller.
Step 5: In the files tab, select the storage path of the output file (the default value is the root directory of the C disk). Select a disk with sufficient capacity to store the file, then press OK.
In computer animated films, FPS represents the number of static images displayed on the screen per second. It usually takes 30 FPS to make people feel the "halted ".
Step 6: Set the video and audio encoding method for the output video file. Select output> and select configure output module ".
Step 7: select the video encoding method. Please move your mouse over DivX fast-motion in video codecs, and then adjust compression Control and Data Rate in the configuration window, the smaller the values of these two options, the smaller the files to be made, but the quality of the films will also deteriorate. You can choose between them.
Step 8: select the audio encoding method. Click MPEG layer-3 in audio codecs and select the desired audio sampling mode. Similarly, if you want to make a file smaller, you have to sacrifice the quality. Users can only decide which quality is suitable.
Step 9: Start the conversion. We can directly press "Flask it!" In the flaskmpeg control panel !" Or Select Run... => Start conversion from the main window to start video encoding.
Step 10: You can adjust the program execution priority in the video encoding. If you do not use a computer for other tasks during conversion, you can increase the program's priority, let the computer perform the video encoding task.
In addition, you can select a display output option in this window, if this option is selected, you can see the progress of the current conversion video in the main window (that is, the conversion also plays the output video), but in order to let the program "focus on work ", we recommend that you disable this option (check and remove it.
The result of this Demo Video Encoding: the file size is changed from 56.7 MB to 17.3 MB, which is smaller than 1/3 of the original file, in addition, image smoothness and sound quality are still within the acceptable range. So if you want to spread a homemade video over the Internet, it should be a very good choice to make it into DivX (MPEG-4) film format.

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