Video formats supported by Lenovo S5 mobile phones

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I just bought a Lenovo S5, and it's pretty good to use, especially the CCD camera.

I purchased a machine in Beijing. The standard price is 400 yuan with a ticket (380 without a ticket), and the 65 yuan 2G memory card.

A few days ago, I wanted to upload a video to my mobile phone and found that it only supports the AVI format, and there are more than N types of AVI formats, So I recorded a short clip with the camera, then, check its settings and use the converter to convert the video you want to put on your mobile phone to the corresponding encoding format. Here, we will share with you:

First download an imtoo MPEG encoder software. First load a video file (preferably in AVI format) and select it, and then select the AVI audio/video staggered format in the preset. The parameter on the right can be modified. Make the following changes:

The video encoder is MJPEG. The video resolution is 176 × 144. The bit rate is 72. Set the frame rate to 10. The Audio Encoder is pcm_s16le. The bitrate input is 128. The sampling rate is 8000. Select 1 for the audio channel. Since the conversion of complex formats is too slow, it is best to use all2avi to convert the video to a certain AVI format before Special conversion.

I have successfully tested it with Lenovo S5 mobile phone!


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