Video Learning for Linux 4 (network configuration and RPM)

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Video Learning for Linux:

1. Introduction of three ways of network configuration.

The first way:

    1. Setup command--Select network configuration--to configure the fixed IP (Tab key) and auto assign IP (Sky grid)
    2. /etc/rc.d/init.d/network The restart command before it takes effect.
    3. Use Ifconfig to display network card information.

The second way:

Ifconfig eth0 x.x.x.x to set the NIC.

Ifconfig eth0 Network x.x.x.x subnet mask settings.

Use the default for broadcast addresses and DNS.

Takes effect immediately, but is temporarily in force and restored to its original state after a restart.

The Third Way:

All the devices in the Linux system are files. Modify the file directly.

Modify the IP. Subnet and other information in the/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file.

Run/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart

Permanent modification takes effect.

2.window/linux Ping each other

    1. Open a command-line window at window. Ping IP, which shows that the ping does not pass. Ipconfig display IP information for window
    2. Modify the IP network segment in Linux. Ifconfig eth0 IP (and window's IP in a network segment). Using VMnet8

3. RPM package and Samba.

RPM is a package and installation tool for the Internet download package, which is included in some Linux distribution versions.

RPM is the Redhat package manage abbreviation. She generates a. RPM file extension. This version is included in Linux, such as Suse,opennlinux.

RPM Package name format:


"Apache" Software name

Version number of the 1.3.23-11 software, major version number and minor version

I386 is the hardware platform for software operation.

RMP is a file extension.

Common RPM Commands: (rpm requires lowercase)

1.RPM-QA query all installed RMP packages.

2.rpm-q mysql Check if MySQL package is installed.

3.rpm-qi File: Querying package information

4.RPM-QL Package Name: Query the files in the package.

5.RPM-QF file Full path name: The package to which the query file belongs

6.RPM-QP Package file name: Information about the package is introduced to the package

RPM Package Installation and uninstallation:

Rpm-i RPM Package Full path name i = Install installation, v=verbose hint, h=hash progress bar

The name of the rpm-e RPM package. Uninstall

Rpm-u RPM Package Name: RPM Package upgrade.

Video Learning for Linux 4 (network configuration and RPM)

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