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Video Monitoring in linux-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. This article introduces how to use spcaserv to set up monitoring. spcaserv is the upper-layer application developed by the driver spca5xx. It is very simple and convenient to use.

For more information, see the preceding section.

It involves apche, spcaserv, jre, and the previous items are all very good. This jre has been engaged for a long time.

After setting up spcaserv, I log on to any machine and find that the java applet is not running. It is only gray. I tested firefox here and said that there is no jre, so I started to build jre.

Although jre is installed in linux, the plug-in of jre is not added in firefox. The solution is simple, create a soft link to the jre plugin/i386/ns7/ file in the plug-in directory of firefox.

Then I made a wrong move. On the official java website, I tested whether jre was successfully set. The result was always unsuccessful, and there was always a Red Cross, firefox is still crazy about the cpu, so it will get down.

G: no useful information is found. However, to find a console that calls up java, you can run the ControlPanel program in the bin directory of jre. However, this is useful, after the call is made, the setting is always displayed, so that I can see the error message of the jre test.

The test information on the official java website is that jreverify cannot be found. class, I was wondering if my local java environment variable is not set correctly, and then I changed it. After the change, I still encountered an error. Then I suddenly thought, these executed small applets should be on the server. If they cannot be found, it is also a problem with the server. It has nothing to do with my local environment. Contact your own spcaserv and realize it is estimated that it is a file placement problem.

In the webcam's directory, the problem is that all the packages specified by index.html are under their own directories. Therefore, when copying files, copy the files under http-java-applet and you can skip the directory. Look at the citation and you will know what I'm talking about.

Then, log on to the server and check that everything is normal. The system will first prompt you whether to run the applet. After running the applet, you will see the real-time video.

Note that all files in the http-java-applet must have the read and execution permissions. Otherwise, errors may occur.

This is what I learned from my half-day problem.
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