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Words do not say much, directly on the code: XML file:

<TextView Android:id= "@+id/file"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:text= "File name"/> <EditText Android:id= "@+id/fileedite"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"/> </LinearLayout> <LinearLayout android:layout_width= "Fill_parent"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"android:orientation= "Horizontal" > <Button Android:id= "@+id/play"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:onclick= "Mediaplay"/> <Button Android:id= "@+id/pause"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:onclick= "Mediaplay"/> <Button Android:id= "@+id/reset"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:onclick= "Mediaplay"/> <Button Android:id= "@+id/stop"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:onclick= "Mediaplay" > </Button> </LinearLayout> <Surfaceview android:layout_width= "Fill_parent"Android:layout_height= "240DP"Android:id= "@+id/surfaceview"/>
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    PrivateEditText Nameedit; PrivateMediaPlayer Media; PrivateString Path; PrivateSurfaceview Surfaceview; PrivateBoolean pause=false; Private intposition; @Overrideprotected voidonCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {Super. OnCreate (savedinstancestate);                Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_media_play); Media=NewMediaPlayer (); Nameedit=(EditText) Findviewbyid (; //send the video footage to the Surfaceview, directly to the screen, not in its own buffersurfaceview=(Surfaceview) Findviewbyid (;        Surfaceview.getholder (). SetType (Surfaceholder.surface_type_push_buffers); Surfaceview.getholder (). Setfixedsize (176, 144); Surfaceview.getholder (). Setkeepscreenon (true); Surfaceview.getholder (). Addcallback (Newsurfacecallback ()); }         Public Final classSurfacecallbackImplementscallback{ Public voidsurfacecreated (Surfaceholder holder) {//TODO auto-generated Method Stub            if(Position>0 && path!=NULL) {play (position); Position=0; }        }                 Public voidSurfacechanged (Surfaceholder holder,intFormatintwidth,intheight) {            //TODO auto-generated Method Stub                    }                 Public voidsurfacedestroyed (Surfaceholder holder) {//TODO auto-generated Method Stub            if(Media.isplaying ()) {position=media.getcurrentposition ();            Media.stop (); }                    }        }    Private voidMediaplay (View v) {Switch(V.getid ()) { filename=Nameedit.gettext (). toString (); if(Filename.startswith ("http") ) {path=filename; Play (0); }Else{File File=NewFile (environment.getexternalstoragedirectory (), filename); if(File.exists ()) {path=File.getabsolutepath (); Play (0); }Else{Path=NULL; Toast.maketext ( This, "Video file does not exist", 1). Show (); }            }                         Break; ()) {media.pause (); Pause=true; }Else{                if(pause) {Media.start (); Pause=false; }            }             Break; ()) {Media.seekto (0); }Else{                if(path!=NULL) {Play (0); }            }             Break; ()) {media.stop (); }             Break; default:                 Break; }} @Overrideprotected voidOnDestroy () {//TODO auto-generated Method Stubmedia.release (); Media=NULL; Super. OnDestroy (); }    Private voidPlayintposition)        {Media.reset (); Try{media.setdatasource (path);            Media.setdisplay (Surfaceview.getholder ()); Media.prepare ();//BufferingMedia.setonpreparedlistener (NewPreparedlistener (position)); } Catch(IllegalArgumentException e) {//TODO auto-generated Catch blockE.printstacktrace (); } Catch(SecurityException e) {//TODO auto-generated Catch blockE.printstacktrace (); } Catch(IllegalStateException e) {//TODO auto-generated Catch blockE.printstacktrace (); } Catch(IOException e) {//TODO auto-generated Catch blockE.printstacktrace (); }                    }        Private Final classPreparedlistenerImplementsonpreparedlistener{Private intposition;  PublicPreparedlistener (intposition) {             This. position=position; } @Override Public voidonprepared (MediaPlayer MP) {//TODO auto-generated Method StubMedia.start (); if(Position>0 && path!=NULL) {media.seekto (position); }        }        
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Video Playback Demo

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