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1. How to view 80 port occupancy under Windows? Which process is occupied by? How to terminate.

Here is the main use of Windows under the DOS tool, click "Start"-"Run", enter "CMD" after the click on the OK button to enter the DOS window, and then run the following commands respectively:

>netstat-aon | Findstr "80"

Proto Local address Foreign address State PID

==== ============ ============== ========== ======

TCP Listening 1688

You can see that port 80 is occupied by a process number 1688 program.

>tasklist | Findstr "1688"

Image name PID session name Session # Memory usage

========================= ====== ================ ======== ============

Inetinfo.exe 1688 Console 0 2,800 K

Obviously, the Inetinfo occupies 80 ports; Inetinfo.exe is primarily used to support debugging of Microsoft Windows IIS Network Services, which is important for your system to function properly.

Of course, it's not just the Inetinfo.exe process that takes up 80 ports, it's only on my machine. If you don't know what this process is for, do not kill it blindly, preferably Baidu or Google search; Of course, if you know it well and you're sure you can terminate it, Then continue with the following command.

>taskkill/pid 1688/f

Success: The process with PID 1688 terminated.

If you are familiar with this process and are determined to terminate it, then use the above command to terminate the PID 1688 process directly. (This step can also be performed in Task Manager, Inetinfo.exe is the image name in Task Manager, select it, and click "End Process")

>tasklist | Findstr "1688"

Re-confirm successful termination and return NULL if the execution command is successfully terminated.

2. How to view 80 port occupancy under Linux? Which process is occupied by? How to terminate etc

Query port is occupied, by which process is occupied by two ways: 1, netstat-anl | grep "80"; 2, lsof-i:80

How to terminate a process: Kill PID

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