View and adjust your enterprise and business systems (III: SOAP, WebService, Server) (ccBoy original)

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And adjust your business and business systems (III: SOAP, WebService, Server)
Stingy gods
Now, you can use Microsoft SOAP Toolkit to convert the created Bus_Authors to a WebService. I use Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0 SP2, simple Version () I skipped it and didn't talk nonsense any more. The random help of MS is explained in this regard. I'm more interested in the problem of ADODB. Recordset, but I'm disappointed that the WSDL generated by using WSDL Generator cannot support the type of ADODB. Recordset.
In the generated WSDL file, the following XML is generated:
<Message name = 'authors. GetAuthors '>
<Message name = 'authors. GetAuthorsResponse '>
<Part name = 'result' type = 'xsd :??????? '/>
According to the description in the random document, especially the Handling Complex Types section, we need a Custom Type Mapper (CTM) to process the ADODB. Recordset format. First, let's take the following steps:
1. Generate a custom type conversion class to process the ADODB. Reocrdset type
2. Modify the WSDL file generated by the WSDL Generator.
3. Set IIS and configure the Authors WebService.
4. Generate a client to test this WebService
Generate ADODB first. the Recordset CTM mainly implements MSSOAPLib in the SOAP Toolkit library. ISoapTypeMapper interface, which I think is a major improvement of MS SOAP Toolkit 2.0, which is more componentized and easy to use than the previous SOAP Toolkit version, now you can use VB to complete the CTM, create a VB ActiveX DLL project, and compile the following code. (The component I generated is AdoTypeMapper. adoRstTypeMapper) If ms soap Toolkit 2.0 is installed, it seems that there is such an ADODB. recorset example.
Option Explicit
Implements MSSOAPLib. ISoapTypeMapper
Private Function ISoapTypeMapper_read (_
ByVal pNode As MSXML2.IXMLDOMNode ,_
ByVal bstrEncoding As String ,_
ByVal encodingMode As MSSOAPLib. enEncodingStyle ,_
ByVal lFlags As Long) As Variant
Dim RecordSet As New ADODB. RecordSet

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