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The simplest and easiest way to view the number of IIS connections is through site statistics, where the current number of online Web site statistics can be considered the current number of IIS connections. However, the current online number of "website statistics" is longer, typically 10 minutes or 15 minutes, plus statistical techniques and statistical mechanisms, resulting in more or less statistical errors.

If you want to know the exact number of IIS connections for the current Web site, the most efficient way to do this is through the System Monitor that Windows comes with. This is the approach that this article is going to introduce.

First, run--> input "Perfmon.msc"

Second, in the System Monitor chart area right click, and then click "Add Counters"

Figure I

Third, in the Add Counters window, performance object Select Web Service, "Select counters from list" Select Current Connection, "Select instances from List" To select the site you want to count, and then click the "Add" button

Figure II

Four, set complete

This way, you can see a curve in the System Monitor chart area (you can set the parameters such as color and width), which is the number of IIS connections to the site, as shown in the yellow curve.

It is to be explained that Windows System Monitor displays the number of instant IIS concurrent connections, not the number of visitors within 15 minutes, such as "site statistics", so you will find that there are not too many IIS concurrent connections, with the current number of IIS concurrent connections at about 20-30 in the case of card velocimetry, and " The website Statistics "shows the number of online people in 15 minutes is usually around 150-200." Baidu statistics does not "15 minutes online number" statistics, it said that "that is not very meaningful, because it is not possible to know whether the user is still online in 15 minutes."

View the number of IIS connections, and you can also enter the "netstat-a" command in the run-->, but it is not recommended to view the total number of HTTP connections because the display results are too many and miscellaneous.

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