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Lu Tao's backbone is Xu zhisen's indeprecator and skill, but Lu yaxun's hiding in the city from his ears.
He despised Lu yaxun. He had no respect for the man who knew that he was not his own child and had been raising for more than 20 years.
But at the end of the story, he called Lu yaxun's father, and he said he would always call it like this.
He is called Xu zhisen.
If Xu zhisen appears a little earlier, Lu Tao may not fall in love with Xia Lin. In his bones, Lu Tao is inferior in front of milai. He does not know milai. He thinks that rich female should be cheated by them, he does not like milai either, because they are not in the same world.
When Yang Xiaoyun rented a house to South China, he talked about the siheyuan life that both of them had when they were young. However, Lu Tao and milai have never had a similar experience.
As Lu Tao became more and more like Xu Tao, Xia Lin began to lose her mind. She found this man told her that she was angry when she said, "Don't forget to buy a car and write your name in the driver's book, because he has become no different from the man in those nightclubs, she finds that he is slowly away from their world. instead of complaining about their bad work when they are together, he becomes famous, I am just a complete salesman. I have nothing to do if I buy a single villa.
In this way, he was not from Lu Tao. milai could spend a month's living expenses for a college boy, start a sports car to go to school, and rent a house at the same time. This is true for Lu Tao, too unfamiliar.
Milai Kai A3 and Lu Tao Kai A4. At that time, they could start to raise their eyebrows.
However, a person's character generally depends on genes, and the other half is the initial memory.
The psychology teacher told me that when I was one year old, I was three years old.
Later, I finally realized that genes come from the experience and life combinations of the previous generation, and the initial memories are the environments they struggled.
Birds are printed along with each other. The first sight of a bird was his mother.
Lu Tao is more and more like Xu Tao, but he is still Lu Tao.
He is not a businessman. He is more like Lu yaxun than Xu zhisen. Xu zhisen is a businessman. Lu yaxun is just doing his own job and building.
Lu Tao only wants to build a building, but he wants to be closer to success.
In the end, Lu Tao was still Lu Tao. He chose not Ling xianer or milai, because he was not rich in nature and he had nothing to do.
He will never be Xu Tao as Xu zhisen hoped, despite many similarities.
Struggle refers to many people who seem to be the same. In fact, they are not on the same plane, like huazi and Lulu. huazi does not know Lulu because he was born from Beijing, I don't know the hardships and security of the North float, but I know the pig's head.
I remember what Lulu said when Xia Lin first came to dreamutopia, And now haigui cannot find a job.
She envy Xia Lin, just as Xia Lin once had a humble envy of milai.
Yang Xiaoyun also learned that Xia Lin was independent. They beat their children and left the men. They shouted at two women in Beijing, but they didn't have long before, and they all gave up on life.
Yang Xiaoyun did not find a more suitable mother than the south. Xia Lin's stubborn mother began to persuade her not to be too persistent. In the end, she still remarried her father, not to be a single woman.
It was another late night when two women were talking about it. Xia Lin said, don't forget that you just ended up with everything you wanted. Yang Xiaoyun said, otherwise I would be even worse!
Camera switching, Xia Lin in the suburbs and Lu Tao hand in hand, no longer insist on the past stubborn.
Women cannot depend on men, but they cannot be completely isolated.
Men cannot depend on others, but they also need to be pulled.
There used to be a group of pictures about how many people seem to be on the same plane. In fact, they are only visual. The reality is that they are on different planes, some of the things are easy for some people, but others feel out of reach.
It seems that everyone in the same struggle is similar to Yang Xiaoyun, South China. milai Xiaoling xianer is a rich family, and Xia Lin and Lu Tao are both from poor families, but they are equally proud. Lulu and pig are both drifting north.
It's a breeze for mille, and many people may not be able to touch it all their lives.
The four words are very old, but they really make sense.
There are four words that are most important to marriage: Seeking for the same purpose while reserving differences.
Love you is equal to love yourself, because we are very similar
Being attracted by a very different life from me, just for a moment, people can never love others more than themselves.
For example, far away and south are two people in both worlds.
At the beginning of the story, Lu Tao's mother met Lu Tao in the tea room.
What is Lu Tao's first sentence? Why did you choose a place like McDonald's?
I drink tea for dozens of dollars. What else can I do?
It wasn't long before he had been in touch with Xu zhisen for a long time. When he had 20 million, he had to pay for things without blinking.
He has changed.
WHEN Xu zhisen analyzed the women around Lu Tao, he said that Ling Shan and milai are both good, But Xia Lin made you unable to brake.
This is Xu's view, which is essentially different from Lu Tao's.
Because Lu Tao is not a rich man, he does not know the life and heart of rich women.
He understands Xia Lin because they have similar growth environments.
At the beginning of the human nature is good, and the Nature is similar.
Because Lu Tao was born in Lu's home, he loves Xia Lin.
Lu Tao loves Xia Lin rather than milai, because he is not Xu Tao.
Even if he had moved closer to Xu zhisen, even if he had been separated from Xia Lin.
Finally, he named his father Lu yaxun and married Xia Lin.
The Flash wedding to the South lies in the fact that he thought he had married his wife and everything was different, and it would start from a brand new one.
It is like preparing new stationery for primary school students, thinking that life can be different.
It is like the millennium, but it is just an ordinary day, but too many people have given too many expectations.
Nan always thinks everything will be fine after getting married, as if all the materials are ready, and the food made will be delicious.
In fact, he did not work hard. What he really worked for the whole family was Yang Xiaoyun, not Nan.
Throughout the film, I liked Yang Xiaoyun's mother most, played by Su Xiaoming. She was listed on the market. For the first time, I didn't like her. However, she was very pragmatic and she made money for this house, xiaoyun's grandmother is her mother-in-law, but she plans to buy a hearing aid for her.
Because of her city, she used the old house for a 128-square-meter new house.
What did Xia Lin's stubborn mother win for her? Finally, she persuaded xialin that she should not be too stubborn, but she still had to find a reliance, and she chose to remarry the man who once despised her.
Sun Yanzi has a song of the same kind. Maybe the different types of songs can instantly attract each other, but they can stay in the same kind.
Love you is equal to love yourself, close to nature, and study.

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