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The thing is, today when I went to the interview, I had a question to ask: What command does Windows use to know the MAC address of other hosts in the local area network. I was very familiar with it at first, but I couldn't answer it. The original station so, a lot of use to use the ping command to test the Web site connectivity and speed and so on.

However, this ping command does not see the MAC address of a single host. In fact, Windows under the command of an ARP can be learned that the other host computer network MAC address already IP address.

ARP-A (show ARP table)

There are other parameters:

-a displays the current ARP entry by asking for the current protocol data. If you specify INET_ADDR, only the IP address and physical address of the specified computer are displayed. If more than one network interface uses ARP, the entries for each ARP table are displayed.

-G is the same as-a.

-V Displays the current ARP entry in verbose mode. Items on all invalid entries and loopback interfaces are displayed.

INET_ADDR specifies an Internet address.

-N if_addr Displays the ARP entry for the IF_ADDR specified network interface.

-D deletes the host specified by inet_addr. The inet_addr can be a wildcard * to remove all hosts.

-S to add the host and associate Internet address inet_addr with physical address eth_addr. The physical address is a 6 hexadecimal byte separated by a hyphen. The item is permanent.

ETH_ADDR Specifies the physical address.

If_addr If present, this specifies the Internet address of the interface to which the address translation table should be modified. If it does not exist, the first applicable interface is used.

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