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SRTP stands for student research trainning program. A school project aims to cultivate students' innovative and practical abilities.

I applied for a project at someone's suggestion. The idea is entirely for the recommender. Finally, the project was approved by the school. Although projects like schools are purely
Delivery, mixed credits. But .................. But ........................ At that time, a very serious mistake was made.

According to the idea of software engineering, in the most critical aspect, the personnel encountered a problem, which was quite serious. It is recommended that people leave the team. Although I am the project owner,
However, I did not know the specific content of the project and the overall development direction of the project, but I only understood the outline, and other people in the group knew less than me. Project requirements are not anticipated,
The final goal and the engineering quantity of the project have not been calculated. In the early stage, the project name was changed due to the opinion of some experts. Because I didn't know about the project, I changed what the experts said.
Another serious mistake ...... After waiting for a while, I carefully studied the original project materials and found that the original content is different from the current question.
The scope was too wide, and it was an error to change the question. After carefully reading the functions to be implemented, it is impossible to implement them in such a short period of time.

A real failure. This project was an error at the beginning. Now there is no way to stop it. It is hateful. The teacher also hopes that I will continue, so I cannot waste time or give up the project where there is no need.

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