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In linux, the vim configuration document setnocompatible & quot; disables the vi compatibility mode syntaxon & quot; auto syntax highlighting setnumber & quot; displays the row number setrxon & quot; opens the status bar... in linux, vim configuration document set nocompatible "disable vi compatibility mode syntax on" auto syntax highlight set number "display row number set ruler" enable status bar ruler set shiftwidth = 4 "settings <and> the width of the command to move is 4.
Set softtabstop = 4 "allows you to delete four spaces at a time when you press the backspace key. set tabstop = 4" set the tab length to 4 set nobackup. "If the file is overwritten, set autochdir is not backed up." The current directory is automatically switched set backupcopy = yes in the directory where the current file is located. "set the backup behavior to overwrite set ignorecase smartcase." case sensitivity is ignored during search, however, when one or more uppercase letters exist, the set nowrapscan is case sensitive. you are not allowed to re-search the two ends of the file.
Set incsearch "display search results when entering search content set hlsearch" highlight the found text set noerrorbells "close error message ring set novisualbell" disable use of visual Bell instead of call set t_vb = "terminal code for setting an empty wrong ringtone" set showmatch "when brackets are inserted, briefly jump to the matching brackets "set matchtime = 2" briefly jump to the matching parentheses
Set magic "set magic set hidden" allows you to switch the buffer when there are unsaved changes, in this case, vim is responsible for saving set guioptions-= T "hidden toolbar set guioptions-= m" hidden menu bar set smartindent ". when the new line is enabled, it uses smart automatic indentation.
Set backspace = indent, eol, start "is not set in the insert status. the return key and Delete key cannot be used to Delete the carriage return character set into height = 1" set the number of lines in the command line to 1 set laststatus = 2 "display the status bar (default value: 1, unable to display status bar) set statusline = \ % <% F [% 1 * % M % * % n % R % H] % = \ % y \ % 0 (% {& fileformat} \ % {& amp; encoding} \ % c: % l/% L %) \ "sets the information displayed in the status line
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