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Linux Editor

Edit the file to be quick and not broken

What is the current editor? Learn Which? The first thing to consider is what to do with the editor, if you are editing plain text files, no choice, only vim.

Common in Linux system Default editor is: VI vim gedit emacs Nano

Common professional text editors under Windows:

Sublime Text3, notepad++, Notepad2, Emacs, Gvim, UltraEdit, EditPlus

Office, WPS, notepad these 3 desktop offices can also, if you are an OPS or developer, directly discard


This article describes the common use of artifact vim

To open a file using vim:

#vim file name

Three modes: Command editor last line

Command mode:

Use only shortcut keys

How to enter edit mode: A i o a i o r r

Enter command mode from edit mode: ESC

Cursor positioning:

H J k L corresponds to left upper and lower right ARROW keys respectively

0 or ^ position the cursor to the beginning of the current line

$ position cursor to the end of the current line

Control+command+ around keys (vim within Apple virtual machines only) cursor moves to the beginning and end of the line

Control+windows+ around key or shift+ cursor moves to the beginning and end of the line

GG positioning to top of text

G Navigate to bottom of text

3G Enter third line

DD Delete (cut) The current cursor in the row

Number +DD Delete multiple lines

P Paste

P pastes a row on the line where the current cursor is located

U undo Undo

Ctrl+r rollback

YY copies the current cursor in the row

Digital +yy Copy Multiple lines

D Delete content after the current cursor

d^ Delete the contents before the current cursor

Edit mode Ctrl+u Delete the contents before the current cursor

V Visual Line Mode

Y copy

D Delete

P Paste

= Align the book

Ctrl + V Visual block mode

To add a comment:

Select the first column character that you want to add a comment line-->i--write comment-->esc two times

V Visualization mode

V Cancel Visual mode

Edit mode

Edit Content

Tail line mode

Set Vim's feature finder to replace


/keyword n n



: Set NU Displays line number

: Set Nonu Cancel line number

: The set IC is not case-sensitive when searching

: Set Noic cancel case insensitive

: Set ts=4 setting tab length

: Set sw=4 set tab length for auto indent

: Set SI auto indent

: Set CI


: X


: Set key=



: s/world/nice/replaces the current cursor in the row

:%s/world/nice/% means replacing all rows

:%s/world/nice/g replaces all keywords in line

: 3s/world/nice/replaces the specified line

: 3,10s/world/nice/lines 3rd to 10th

: 3,4s/^/#/

:, 8s/hello/hi/ from current line to line 8th

: 5,10 s/.*/#&/5-10 before adding the # character (. * Full line & reference find)

: W Save

: Q exit

: Wq Save Exit

: x Save exit//shortcut key ZZ

: wq! Force Save exit

: r/etc/passwd read into the contents of another file

: W/root/desktop/abc Save As

: SP file name

: VSP file name

Switch between ctrl+w windows

Shift+zz command line mode save exit directly

Make Vim settings permanent:

Mode 1: Write the settings to the end of the VIMRC file and take effect for all accounts

Like what:


Set Nu

Set IC

Set ts=4

Set sw=4

Mode 2: Write the settings to the. vimrc file, which is only valid for a user



Compare the differences between two files:

# vimdiff/etc/hosts Hosts1

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Vim Editor Detailed

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