Virtual machine cannot connect after installing XP system What's going on?

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Virtual machine cannot connect after installing XP system What's going on?

The specific methods are as follows:

1, if you do not get the IP address, you will be prompted that the network cable is not plugged in, because the virtual machine network card is not enabled, virtual machine "set" network card on the right hook on the "connection." The software is not Chinese, I find the corresponding English settings

2, if there is an IP address, first look at Vm>setting>hardware>network adapter>network connection. This side is to see the virtual machine of this network card (some people may add multiple net card to the machine) connection mode.

A Select the first bridged (bridge), meaning that the virtual machine network card with the real computer card connected to the same switch (router) above, if the real environment has a DHCP server, you can set the IP to Automatic.

If you have a DNS server in your real environment, you can set the DNS option to Automatic. Otherwise, the virtual machine IP set to the same network segment, subnet mask, gateway, DNS are consistent with the real machine. (If the Internet is through ADSL, select Bridge is not on the network)

B Choose a second Nat, meaning to connect with the "VMnet8" of the network connection in the real machine, then remember to turn on the NIC VMnet8. If the virtual machine DHCP, DNS services are open, in the virtual machine as long as the IP address, DNS automatic. If you want to manually, set the same network segment as VMNET8.

C Select the third host-only, which means to connect with the "VMnet1" in the real machine and set the same as above.

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