Virtual machine networking and Remote connection-linux Basic Environment Command Learning notes

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1. Common system Commands:

(1) ifconfig command =ip a command, view IP address
Nic default name Eth0.
Bcast Broadcast Address

(2) Top (Task Manager) Q exit

(3) Free view memory----m per unit display

(4) Netstat view port condition-an


(5) PS viewing process



(6) Vmstat Iostat Mpstat SAR

(7) Kill kills the process

-l list signal (default 15,9 forced Kill)

Kill process Number (PID)
2.xshell or SECURECRT remote connection ssh [email protected] Address

Xmanager Remote Desktop Connection

FileZilla (class FTP tool) file transfer

notepad++ Editing text files remotely
3.clear Clear Screen
4. Considerations for Virtual machine networking
A. Connection mode-default NAT
B. Virtual machine not connected: Determine the IP address of the VMNET8 network card, the last one is. 1, the first three bits are determined by vmworkstation edit-Network editor

Determine if the computer-management-service DHCP and NAT are started

Check if the virtual machine settings device status is connected

Restart Network card: Service Network restart

Virtual machine networking and Remote connection-linux Basic Environment Command Learning notes

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