Virtual machine workstations Create virtual machines and install Linux tutorials

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Today began to learn Linux, before long wanted to see, but have no time, recently put other knowledge finished, finally have time to look at Linux.
This section just installs the virtual machine workstation, the virtual machine, and the Linux operating system process, the detailed record I installs the process, in order to consult later, also provides the reference for everybody.

One, what is Linux:

What is Linux? Do not know the students themselves to Baidu, out of humanitarianism, bloggers here to help you moved here, specific I do not want to spend time to introduce its history, online a lot!

Second, why to learn Linux:

In the Web application, in addition to some small web sites or some of the performance requirements of the site is still using Windows Server, most of the performance requirements of the system is the use of Linux as a service area above the operating system, because Linux can be in the server to reflect the performance of the ordinary! So as a web developer (or backend developer), you have to learn simple Linux operations commands, such as installing a JRE and database on Linux. Of course, with the deepening of learning, the mastery of Linux should also go deeper.

Three, install the virtual machine workstation and initialize the virtual machine:

Anyway, the Linux operating system to install Linux on the computer is, but limited to beginners are used by the Windows operating system, or not very good to install a Linux operating system, this time the virtual machine comes in handy, We can install a Linux operating system from a virtual machine on a computer.

1) Install the virtual machine workstation:
To create a virtual machine using a virtual machine workstation first:
Link: Https:// Password: Hobu
(The above link is a file for the virtual machine workstation)

To install after the download is complete:

Click Next:

Custom customization, then click Next:

Install only the core components, other all do not install, select the installation path, click Next, to the next page click Install, wait:

Fill in the serial number after completion: DUMA4-DMHFP-D2M4G-4PXZL

Restart your computer
After restarting your computer, see our desktop Generation icon:

Double-click into the virtual machine station:

2) Create a virtual machine
Click New:

Then click on Custom to define the configuration we want to "buy the computer", here we want to initialize the new virtual machine configuration.

To this step, click Next directly:

Here we start to select the operating system, we choose to install the operating system later

Choose Linux, and then let you choose the version, we choose the Linux system version we want to install:
I chose Red Hat Enterprise 5 (not a choice)

We put this "new computer" where we want to put it:

Then select the number of threads (we chose a single thread here) and then click Next:

Allocate memory for the virtual machine and click Next:

To select a network card for a virtual machine:
The first one is Bridge mode (not on the outside network)
The second is NAT mode, which can either be connected to a LAN or connect to the Internet
Third, the virtual machine can only communicate with the computer where the virtual machine is installed
So we choose the third one, click Next

Select the IO adapter type and click Next directly:

Assign a virtual machine to use hard disk storage, click the first, Next:

Come to disk type, we select the second recommended, click Next:

Allocate disk capacity, default 8 g, we will allocate 8 G, click Next:

Virtual disk name, click Next:

The configuration order appears (the Last check box, after the tick indicates that the power supply after the creation, we remove the check, because this time has not installed the system):

Here we create a successful virtual machine!
Back to workstation:

Iv. installing the Linux operating system

Back to the virtual machine workstation, we will see the options option for the virtual machine we created, with some configuration information for that virtual machine, and we need to install the Linux operating system into this virtual machine:

Click on the Yellow Doodle DVD:

Select the image file for our Linux:
Link: Https:// Password: Owal

Click OK

Then power on:

This is the time to get into the Linux installation interface, similar to the one we installed for Windows operating system.

After powering up for a while, click on the virtual machine display screen, we will not see where the mouse, this time we can click on Ctrl+alt released, back to our own operating system (that is, Bo main windows)!

Here, we use the keyboard to select Skip, this time into the installation, waiting .... Then choose the language, we choose English:


The following is the choice of keyboard, we choose the U.S. keyboard, fill in the installation number, we skip directly:

This time will jump out of this (find installation location not found) we click "Yes" can:

Because this is the first installation, all partition structures are removed:

Click "Yes" to jump out of the prompt:

Here is the configuration IP address, we directly click Next:

Select the time zone, this default Shanghai, and do not use UTC time, Chinese people like month and day, click Next:

Create a password, this must be remembered, if you forget the possibility of the system will be re-installed!

To this step, whether additional software is required, we do not need these, directly click Next:

After clicking on the installation, you may have to wait for a while!
After the operation is not introduced, are in Chinese, after a while using root for the user name and custom password login to the Linux operating system.

After entering the Linux operating system you will be free to gallop (bad laugh. jpg).

2018.4.19 21:36

Virtual machine workstations Create virtual machines and install Linux tutorials

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