Virtual machines and Hongqi 7 under Windows XP SP3

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Windows XP SP3 Virtual Machine and Hongqi 7-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information, the following is a detailed description. Under the guidance of my post on this website, I downloaded virtualbox,, and later I downloaded the Red Flag 7olympic edition in this forum.
Get the of red union's post... 11662 & extra = & page = 2, with courage, start to install the virtual system without knowing anything.
Install virtual machines in the windows xp Primary System and allocate disks and memory as prompted. The disk is 10 GB and the memory is 390 MB. Then click Start. Because the system is not installed, the first running prompt is displayed to install the linux system. After mounting the iso file, install the red flag. However, the VM interface is very slow. Waiting ~~~
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