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Cornell's K. Birman (the originator of virtual synchronization)History of Virtual Synchrony ReplicationThis article describes the development history of Virtual Synchrony. Based on this article, the core documents of Virtual synchronization are sorted out as follows:

• J.M. Chang, N.F. Maxemchuck, "Reliable broadcast protocols", ACM Trans. on. Computer Systems 2 (3), Aug. 1984, pp. 251-273
• F. cristian, H. aghali, R. strong and D. dolev, "Atomic Broadcast: From Simple Message Diffusion to Byzantine Agreement", in Proc. 15th Int. symp. on Fault-Tolerant Computing (FTCS-15), (Ann Arbor, MI, USA), pp.200-206, IEEE Computer Society Press, June 1985
• K. Birman, T. Joseph, T. räuchle, A. El Abbadi: Implementing Fault-Tolerant Distributed Objects. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, June 1985.
• K. Birman.Replication and Fault-Tolerance in the ISIS System. 10th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, Dec 1985, 79-86.
• K. Birman, T. Joseph.Reliable communication in presence of failures. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, Vol. 5, No. 1, Feb. 1987
• T. a. joseph, K. birman: Low Cost Management of Replicated Data in Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems. ACM Trans. comput. syst. 4 (1): 54-70 (1986)
• K. Birman and T. Joseph:Exploiting virtual synchrony in Distributed Systems.. 11th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, Dec 1987.
• M. Herlihy and J.M. Wing.Linearizability: A correctness condition for concurrent objects. Acm toplas (July 1990). 463-492.
• N. C. huchinson and L. L. Peterson. The x‐kernel: An architecture for implementing network protocols. ieee t, 17 (1), Jan. 1991.
• K. Birman, A. Schiper and P. Stephen son. Lightweight causal and atomic Group Multicast. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, Aug 1991, (3): 272-314.
• A. Schiper and A. Sandoz. Uniform reliable multicast in a Virtually Synchronous Environment. Proc. 13th ICDCS, pittstmgh (May 1993 ).

• Robbertvan Renesse, kenth P. Birman and Silvano Maffeis,Horus, a flexible group communication system, communications of the ACM, 10000l 1996

• R. Van Renesse and K. Birman.Reliable Distributed Computing With the ISIS Toolkit. IEEE Computer Society Press. Los Alamitos, CA. 1994.
• D. dolevand D. Malkhi.The transis approach to high availability cluster communication. Comm. ACM, 39 (4), rjl 1996, pp 87-92.
• K. Birman. A review of experiences with reliable multicast. Software Practice and Experience29 (9), 1999.
• X. liu, C. kreitz, R. van Renesse, J. hickey, M. hayden, K. birman, R. constable. building reliable, high-performance communication systems from components. 17th acm sosp (Dec.1999 ).

There are also some projects based on virtual synchronization:




Among them, the first two are the articles mentioned in this article that have a great inspiration for virtual synchronization. The third part is the early implementation of the ISIS system, which is the carrier of virtual synchrony. Starting from article 4, it refers to the literature about the virtual synchronization itself. Among them, bold is widely cited literature.

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