VirtualBox virtual machine Ubuntu system with host Windows shared folder

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1, install the Ubuntu system in the VirtualBox virtual Machine 2, open the virtual machine, install the VirtualBox Enhanced Feature Pack (vboxguestadditions), reference, if the confirmation has been installed, skip to the 4th step directly. 3, click to run, the system will be installed automatically, after the installation of the request to restart the system (press ENTER to be able, do not need to restart) 4, in the local system set up a shared folder for Ubuntu interaction with the regional space. 5, right-click on the Status Bar shared folder icon or menu bar "device-shared folder", open the shared folder settings, 6, click the Shared Folder Settings box, the upper right corner of the Add button 7, select the previous settings of the shared folder, this time must not be checked automatically mount 8, set the share name, Enter the Ubuntu system, open the terminal, first execute the command, add "Bdshare" directory in the mount point directory, and then execute "mount-t vboxsf baidushare/mnt/bdshare/", you can complete the settings of the shared folder. Baidushare: Is the Windows System Host folder name/mnt/bdshare:ubuntu system with the Windows system to share file synchronization file address, that is, the seventh step of the mount point 9, Setup completed, you can create several files, test 1. Create a file locally and view it in the Mnt/share/directory. 2. Create a file in the share directory, view it natively) 10, set the automatic mount, restart the virtual machine system share is still in. You can add an entry in/etc/fstab: Baidushare/mnt/share vboxsf rw,gid=110,uid=1100,auto 0 011, unload mount point command: Umount-f/mnt/share

VirtualBox virtual machine Ubuntu system with host Windows shared folder

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