[Virus?] You are using an earlier version of IE. We recommend that you upgrade to Firefox!

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In the past few days, the browser has gone wrong. It is strange that it is infected with viruses.
Error message: you are using an earlier version of IE. We recommend that you upgrade to Firefox.
Then download the browser from the official Firefox website. After the browser is installed, the company's Homepage cannot be displayed normally.
Forget it. uninstall it. Later, I upgraded ie7.0. This seems so pleasing to the eye. The error is the same. Is it a virus.

I ran a morning with Norton and found no suspicious files. A colleague warned that it may be because many DLL files are loaded by the add-on function of IE. The following suspicious items are indeed not allowed. This error is missing. For example:

When I really use IE7, I find that I cannot open a new tab page. When I am not doing well, I am not doing anything.
Many settings have been changed. Some people say that it is not done in tabs-> setting, but in advanced, ha, or not found. Then, find the registry, find the corresponding key value, change it to 2, and turn off the browser. Open it again. This time it is okay, and then go to the settings. I found that the problem was originally caused by pop-up control. The correct settings are as follows:


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