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Today, I read a BenQ notebook. I don't know how to make two partitions marked as EISA configuration, but I couldn't delete them in the disk manager. I found the solution after searching for a long time on the Internet.

First, delete data directly using PQ, But I didn't try it. It should be okay.

The second is to use the diskpart command.
The diskpart command exists in XP, 2004, and Vista, and its usage should be the same.

Example of deleting a partition:

Rescan -- Scan Configuration
List disk -- list Disks
Select disk 0 -- select disk. Here I am 0
List volume -- list volumes. All partitions are listed here, including the optical drive.
Select volumn 1 -- select the partition to be deleted from the list. Here I am 1
List partiton -- list partitions
Delete partiton? Override -- delete a partition

It reminds me that when Vista modified XP, the installed system could not be started. Later, it was done by deleting all partitions and recreating them. During PQ, the partition table error is always prompted, maybe Vista has its own partition format?

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