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According to previous reports, Microsoft will crack down on piracy in Vista SP1. However, machines that fail to pass WGA check after SP1 is released will no longer turn off the function. On the contrary, users will only receive the prompt "you are using pirated software" from Microsoft at startup ".

If WGA fails to pass verification in the Vista system that has not been upgraded to SP1, the user's function will be disabled. For example, if the AERO special effect is disabled, the function will be automatically switched to the function reduction mode, IE can only be used for 1 hour, forced shutdown after 60 Minutes, forced activation after 30 days, and so on. According to critics, the company's direction for improvement is correct. Microsoft can modify the WGA policy and make some changes.

It is reported that after upgrading to SP1, if WGA fails to pass verification, Microsoft will make the following actions. Turns the user's wallpaper into black. Every time the user logs on, he will be prompted to purchase a valid copy of Vista, and the user will remind him again after 60 minutes, if you modify the wallpaper, Microsoft will change it to black again. To encourage genuine version users, Microsoft even induces pirated users on advertisements. pirated users only need to buy genuine Vista at half the retail price.

If so, what should users who buy genuine products at full price do? Does Microsoft encourage users who want to buy genuine products to install a pirated system first and then buy genuine products at half price?


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