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Never identify the network (if this is normal to skip), click on the back of the customization, to see if the election is public? Change to special-> next-> close (as shown below), OK, wait a while, will appear the window that chooses network situation, what family, company what can choose, This depends on the needs of the individual. (the icon can be changed at any time by customizing the-> changes after normal).

Wait for it to take effect for a while, because the computer to automatically detect, use this period of time to set the IP bar.

First of all, click on the broadband and local viewing status, the IPV6 option (as shown below), which is based on the speed of consideration, or each boot it will automatically get a little bit of the IP segment, too waste of time. (Education network is not closed, the other vast number of telecom Netcom users should be closed, this technology is too far away from us)

IPv4 set the following figure, IP address: (to set this Oh, because the machine's IP address and the following gateway in an IP segment), the subnet mask automatically allocated 3 2,551 0, the address is: (this is the default),

About the following 2 DNS server IP is based on the location to change, each province or municipality has its own IP segment, recommend the use of Everest Ultimate to view (you can go to Fei where download, this is the link to download the page), open it click Network Equipment->windows Network, View the Network Configurator address item. You can see it clearly, and then fill in the preferred and alternate DNS separately.

This is almost the case, a restart of the computer, to see if the connection behind or restricted, open IE, in the address bar input, enter, the active visit under our ZTE zxdsl831b ADSL Modem, OK, all solved, perfect!

Not yet, I can't say it's perfect, the local connection has become restricted after the reboot, and why do we have 2 network settings? Why can't we just have one? And the answer is, of course.

The method is to click on a custom, then click Merge and delete network location, (figure)

Then check the ADSL broadband connection and the local connection, point merge, and then select the broadband connection in the next window, merging (that is, merging the local connection to the dial-up broadband connection). This will no longer prompt for connection restrictions.

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