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"Small fresh", in recent years only a new term, used to describe a cultural phenomenon, the definition of a certain kind of music, literature, photography style, and then derived into the hobby of such a style of appellation. In peacetime work often can hear a familiar conversation: "A certain design style is very small fresh ...", "This color is too small and fresh not very suitable" ...

In fact, as a visual designer, I have been in the visual performance of this kind of style has been very puzzled, what kind of design is a small fresh feeling? Is this just a kind of inexplicable sense of ambiguity? During a recent operation sharing training, there were also operators asking me, How can PS has a small fresh style of the picture, which also caused me to this kind of visual design performance of in-depth thinking. The following is a few aspects of my collation, to help me extract this type of style in the visual performance layer of the key points, just a little humble opinion, a little design sentiment.

First of all, what are some of the elements that are most distinctive or representative in the "little freshness" we can see?

So I found a lot of pictures with "little fresh" tag, found that women are always the highest frequency in this type of style picture, whether it is the back or the legendary 45 degrees angle, there are travel elements such as old-fashioned suitcase, railway, backpack and so on, as well as micro-cameras, sunshine, the characteristics of still life and other elements, And in the photographic technique, the big aperture, the deliberate excessive exposure, the backlighting photography, the random lomo style and so on.

Secondly, in addition to the common elements mentioned above, color is of course a very important aspect. But from the "small fresh" literal meaning to understand, her use of color is a faint very refreshing that kind of color? I did an emotional version of the analysis through her and 2 other keywords, and colorhunter the site to extract key colors and fine-tune them to find color changes.

Once again, through the emotional version of the analysis of extraction with color, found it really "small fresh" visual color, the saturation of the color is not high, and from the whole color stereo model, she is in the bottom of the highest position of the lightness axis, is with the gray tone, this perhaps in order to better display such visual style unique, or nostalgic or sad feeling. The following figure is an example of two color models:

Cold color

Warm color

Finally, we encountered in the Web page design "small fresh" design style, the specific performance in what place?

1. Color, this has been mentioned above the style in the color stereo position, she is also the user to obtain information in the process of the fastest to let users feel.

2. Page frame, according to the above analysis, such design style for the layout of the page frame is not stingy use of white, or simple lines to the relationship between the module segmentation, in such a design style, the individual feel watercress, netease impressionist have done quite good.

3. On the texture, "small fresh" design texture is lightweight, or simply abandoned the use of texture, replaced by a clean and tidy large color block.

4. Graphic elements and texture, as much as possible using a simple way of expression, such as graphics chamfer, icon, etc. are simple, but without losing the details. In short, the design style depends on the positioning of the product itself, the style must match the product itself.

Recent feeling is very impetuous, write articles can practice heart. Will be a holiday, take this blog post as a point of time before the summary of the design experience, is not a master design, just a mixed design circle for many years old, the article may have the place, but also please smile.

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