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Recently, Microsoft officially released the Visual Studio 2017 15.4 version, and also released the Visual Studio for Mac 7.2.

Earlier, according to the PYPL index, October Eclipse won the championship by defeating Visual Studio, which accounts for 20.89%, by 24.93. I wonder if this new release will help Visual Studio return to the king of the "first IDE of the Universe". Next, this article explains the new features of Visual Studio 2017 15.4: The new installer launch banner notifies you when the installation is successful, and adds a new warning message that appears at the end of the installation, with links to the developer community for additional assistance.

You can now install the Windows Fall creators Update SDK directly. Users can experience improved performance and use the Fluent design project. Improved XAML. You can now edit or delete XAML resources and add controltemplates. added. NET Standard 2.0 support to Windows Fall creators Update.. NET core 2.0 is included in WEB development and. NET core workloads by default. The Windows Application Packaging project provides a new project template that helps you package all your Windows projects into the. appx container.

Enhanced for Live unit testing to support the MSTest version 1 framework and to improve the visibility of this feature. You can deploy, test, and debug applications directly on IOS and Android devices with Xamarin Live.

New support for CMake 3.9 and a more flexible CMAKE project structure. You can now target Linux from the CMake project. Use the existing CMake base code as a solution without converting it to a VS project. Improved Unity support in Visual Studio Tools and added a set instruction pointer feature to the new run. The Android SDK is now installed in a dedicated location. R Tools now supports Linux Remoting and rmarkdown with real-time editing, brace matching, and code padding.

Visual Studio for Mac 7.2 is a major Bug fix and performance improvement, along with some new feature features:. NET core: now. NET Core 2 is included by default during installation; Android: Install SDK on demand. An Android SDK that is not installed can be installed in the background, and now supports the Android 8.0 Oreo. IOS: This version supports Xcode 9. Support Docker: Users can now publish Core applications to the Docker container and run them from the App Service. Xamarin Live player (preview): Xamarin Live player allows developers to continuously deploy and debug applications directly into IOS or Android devices.
Other: The IoT and Azure features are currently in preview and can provide additional extensions through the Extension Manager. Visual Studio for Mac does not install them by default.

In addition to the newly released Visual Studio 2017 15.4 and Visual Studio for Mac 7.2, Microsoft also released Windows Fall creators up on October 10 on Windows Developer Day The Date Software Development Kit (SDK) and renamed the Windows store to the Microsoft store.

Prior to that, Microsoft positioned Windows 10 as a service, which meant that it was built in a way that was different from previous versions, and that it was regularly updated, not limited to fixing patches, but included new features. There are now three major release updates, including the first update for PC and flatbed in November 2015, the August 2016 free anniversary update and the Windows 10 creator update this April, and then Windows 10 fall The creator update will be the fourth major update to be officially released 17th this month.

The official release of the Windows 10 creator Update Software Development Kit (SDK) today provides more than 1000 new features and improvements, meaning developers can submit apps, games, and program updates to the Microsoft Store. At the same time, Microsoft has highlighted five key areas for SDK update development: Hybrid reality, today's workplace applications, a new system design language, Microsoft Graph and Project Rome, and new features that benefit from apps and games. Related reading: Visual Studio 2017 version 15.4 Release Notes: Https:// Visual Studio for Mac 7.2 Release Notes: Https:// download Visual Studio 2017 version 15.4: download Visual Studio for Mac 7.2:https:// Download Windows 10 Fall Creator Update Software Development Kit: Downloads

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