Visual Studio 2017 Installation Tutorial (detailed version)

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Visual Studio 2017 installation Tutorial (verbose)I have been unable to use the VS Programming C language Program pain One months long, is ashamed, after discovering that many students also have the same problem, the reason is due to the various courses on the Web did not explain the special situation, especially write this blog to help you early use vs thank Fan Hua for the support of this work.I. Download first we want to go to Microsoft Official website to download and install the latest program

Download Community in the picture and open the program after downloading

Two. After the installation opens, click Continue to enter the file extraction

After the extraction is complete, enter the following interface

If you are writing for C or C + +, choose three of the red box, which will occupy about 15G of memory, make sure your computer has enough memory space, and then you can start the installation

, if your speed is not enough to force, this will occupy you a lot of time, I suggest you first come to the king or eat chicken, or brush PTA kill time

After the installation is over, the computer restarts and the main screen can be seen after rebooting.

Select the file in the upper-left corner and select New Project

Select other in the Visual C + + directory, create a new empty project, right-click the source file, select Add a new item, as

And then you can simply write a code test.

#include<stdio.h>int main(){    printf("hello world");     return 0;}
Three. Special problem solving 1. running the flash back

workaround : Right-click your project, open properties, follow the path to set the subsystem to console, apply and confirm # # #

2. Precompiled Header Error

The error

workaround : With question 1 go to the Project Properties page, modify the precompiled header settings in the directory shown, apply and determine

3. scanf Error

The situation such as

Workaround : Enter the project properties, modify the path of the SDL check, apply and confirm the problem


Currently found in the novice problem only on the above points, if students find new problems, please leave a message below, Bo will continue to update

Visual Studio 2017 Installation Tutorial (detailed version)

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