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1. Introduction

Perfect alternative to notepad++, sublime and other excellent tools.

2. Characteristics 2.1 markdown Support

The suffix for the markdown file is. Md. Line Wrap
and Csdn markdown Editor is not the same, Vscode want to wrap, must be at the end of the line to knock two spaces , and then press ENTER, before you can. Latex Formula Support
You need to install Plug-ins, Markdown+math, and note that you must use ctrl+shift+. Shortcut keys to open the preview page instead of the default preview page.

Figure 2-1 Preview of the latex formula after using the Markdown+math plug-in

As you can see from the picture, the formula style is too small and not too beautiful. Picture support
! [] (picture address) in the form of a local picture, fill in the relative path of the current. md file. 2.2 XML Support

If you want to use the automatic indent (beautify code) feature, you need to install the XML Tools plug-in.

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