Visual Studio Code, Vscode, haven't you heard?

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Visual Studio Code, a new GUI editor for Microsoft this year. It's a simple code-editing tool, with Visual Studio, Webstorm, Eclipse, my eclipse ... These integrated development environments are not a concept.

Some of the most common GUI editor products on the market are: Sublimetext, notepad++, Atom, H5 Builder, brackets, and so on, including Vim, Emacs, and so on at the end, Are the vscode of the competition. But I personally more often sublimetext, not why, just because of the habit.

So here, I can only compare the sublimetext.

First, Appearance:

A typical VS-style UI that supports light and dark two kinds of theme switches. The next buttons are new, search, Git, and Debug. However, the layout of the function is exactly like atom.

Second, performance:

Mac air on nearly 3 million lines of code files, open need 5, 6 seconds, browse no lag, no crashes, continue to coding also do not lag, go to line also does not lag, paste code will lag, the problem is not big. Sublime3 's latest version even open this file, it will take nearly 2 minutes, no comparison.

Third, the user experience details(1) You can directly click on the GUI button or the right button to create a new file, folder, such operations. (Previous sublime This aspect is relatively poor)

(2) Directly separate tab and Close tab

The left button can split the window directly. It's much more convenient than sublime. The X on the right can close the label directly. Then the left side can also see a large blue button, you can directly open Folder, but also relatively cool. This is also a direct hint of the folder as the project, or many novice do not know how to open files, open folder or something.

(3) No Plug-in code diff

A very powerful feature that currently finds two ways to start the diff feature. The first is on the left, right-click File Select to compare, and then right-click a file compare with ' xx ', you can appear diff. The second is in git mode, click Switch to changes file in the upper right corner to start diff.

Then click on the upper left corner ... button, it appears

Then click Switch to Inline View, and you can go to a tab diff.

(4) Code completion support angular tag, support function description prompt

Then a simple test of the HTML and JS code completion (C # tried seemingly no complement, the specific look) HTML complement is good, but also support the angular of the label complement. JS code complement is too handsome, directly look at the picture bar, each function property has a description. Support Node completion.

(5) Auto Prompt overlay profile & Hover Tips

It is also common for this editor to change its own configuration file. Currently, independent configuration of different languages is not supported, it is integrated in a configuration file, but supports different configuration files for different projects and supports shortcut key configuration.

There are two nice points to configure:

    1. In addition the mouse is placed in the configuration file (JSON format) on the key, will automatically hover the hint.

(6) Syntax error hints & formatting codes & no Plug-in code debug

Built-in syntax error hints, very convenient.

Right-click Code area to support automatic formatting code, very good.

The editor also has native debug functionality. For now, the configuration file is primarily a front-end development configuration, and debug supports node and mono (. Net).

Turn on the debug function, must be Mono3.0 installed, I light debugging node also to install, not clear why. Download | Mono

Click the Debug button on the left to automatically generate the Debug configuration file in the directory

Modify it as you want, then select the configuration to debug on the left and then run.

(7) Support for simple multi-line selection

Right-click on the word change all occurrences, then you can select multiple lines.

Now the only problem is not to support the most concern of the plug-in, but this is just the beginning, just the first version, plug-in for Microsoft should be just minutes. And the first version of the support plug-in meaning is not very big, because the developers also do not know that Microsoft to do this thing, the first version of the release and no plug-ins. If I were Microsoft, the first version is not put, follow-up version hurriedly add in good, as long as the user more, is not a thing. and the lower right corner directly has a smiley face can be used to feedback information, so we have what to feedback, direct point that button.

In conclusion, I have finished some attractive feature and put on my own preliminary evaluation of it, an expectation.

First of all, the free open is certainly very good news, Sublime after all is charged, Sublime 3 even unlimited free trial is not.

second, plug-in, language-independent configuration to quickly add to the agenda, make out, this is the cannon. However, at Microsoft's level, this should not be a problem at all, and the official documents have already said, this is on the agenda thing.
second, the details of the user experience, Microsoft is certainly the end of the sublime, see above.
Finally, it is more friendly to front-end development, Node, C #. Before the development of the front-end, especially the Mac and Linux developers, should be more inclined to this, it is estimated that many will use the common editor from Sublime to this. C # developers should still use a lot of developers on windows, and for them, being a quick editor is good, and it's much easier to open than vs itself.
other language directions, if used previously sublime, may be more than a turn to this. If this editor Microsoft really attaches importance to the development, promotion, support plug-in, language-independent configuration, should like to use sublime to develop Python, Ruby, go and so on, the batch of developers will switch to Vscode.

If you are more eager, the above words are not bothered to look at, then I concentrate on the main summary of three points features:

    1. Smooth, no card at all. (Atom estimates cry, do not know why Microsoft has changed its own no card)

The launch of this vscode for Microsoft is a sign that they are going to start sweeping, first let you use this editor to say. Of course, for developers, regardless of the likes and dislikes, anyway, do not spend more than a choice, very good.

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Visual Studio Code, Vscode, haven't you heard?

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