Vmotion problems in the case of virtual machine external USB device

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prior to vSphere5.1 including 5.1 I remember that the virtual machine is not supported by a vmotion with a USB device. But after the vSphere5.5 support, said really I do not know whether this is good or not. However, since it is possible to migrate, the resources in the environment can become more balanced, and the operation of virtual machines will be more stable. However, the Vmotion USB device is a hidden danger.
Here's a detailed explanation.
When a virtual machine connected to a USB device is migrated from the host on which the devices are connected, the devices remain connected to the virtual machine. However, if the virtual machine is suspended or shut down, the USB devices are disconnected and cannot be reconnected when the virtual machine is restored. The device connection can be restored only if the virtual machine is moved back to the host to which the devices are connected. A hot add CPU or memory USB device will also disconnect the heavy connection. The opening of DPM will also increase the vulnerability to occur.
so the best advice for the authorities isvmotion When external USB devices are not supported will make the virtual machine more stable.
and the vmotion condition of the USB device is also relatively harsh. The official documentation gives the following paragraph:

The Migrate Virtual Machine Wizard runs the compatibility check before the migration operation begins. If an unsupported USB device is detected, the compatibility check fails with an error message that is similar to the following: currently connected device ' USB 1 ' uses backing ' PATH:1/7/1 ', whichis not access Ible.
to successfully pass the VMotion compatibility check, you must connect to the virtual machine in the hostAllUSB devices enable vMotion. If one or more devices do not have the VMotion feature enabled, the migration will fail.
Solution Solutions
1 Make sure that the device is not in the process of transferring data before deleting the device.
2 re-add and enable vMotion for each affected USB device.

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Vmotion problems in the case of virtual machine external USB device

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