VMware 7.1.4 install Mac. OS. X. Lion. Operating System key: install the system

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[Switch] VMware 7.1.4 install Mac. OS. X. Lion. Operating System

Slow network friends can Download Word documents: http://115.com/file/dng37zas #

(Operating System UsedWindows 7 SP1 x64The computer is ASUSA43EI231SV-SLThe software used in this tutorial is included in this tutorial.)

The computer memory is lower4GAdd memory....

This method is not applicable to vmware8 !!

Note: You must use intel's CPU to install it !!!

1.Securable(Detect yourCPUWhether hardware-level virtual mode is supported)


The virtual machine can be used only when the hardware virtualization alization is yes or locked on. If your CPU supports hardware-level virtual mode but the hardware virtualization alization is displayed as locked off, it indicates that you have not enabled it, go to BIOS to enable it.

: Http://115.com/file/bhqystpu #

1.Install virtual machines andMacPatch

Virtual Machine and Chinese patching and Mac patching http://115.com/file/aq610yts #

Mac patch standalone (for friends who already have vmware7.1.4) http://115.com/file/clgqgyck

After the download is complete, first install the original English version of the VM. After the installation is complete, install the Chinese patch of the VM. Some files cannot be copied or replaced. Complete the related process in the task manager, the last and most important step is to install the Mac patch and run Windows. BAT (right-click win7 and run as Administrator)


2.DownloadMac. OS. X. LionSystem and convertISOFormat:

Ed2k: // | file | % 5bmac. OS. x. lion. % B2 % D9 % D7 % F7 % CF % B5 % Cd % B3 % 5D. mac. OS. x. lion. DMG | 3752383024 | 9d85611b4f79520d2316ff0f8b71acd7 |/

The downloaded MAC system is in DMG format. After the download is complete, use the softlink to convert it to the ISO format (tool-format conversion)

The preparation is complete. Start installation below.Mac. OS. X. Lion.

Create a VM


After the VM is created, do not rush to power on. select Edit VM settings to delete the nodes of the soft drive and change the optical drive. Details:


After these settings, the optical drive loads the Apple system (Note: YesISOFormat, previously converted) and start the VM!

The installation prompt is required.XxMinutes, but the last minute is very slow. One word: etc.

After the installation is complete, the installation screen (for example) will appear. The installation will not continue. It will be stuck on this screen all the time!



In this case, we need to manually restart the VM and pressESCKey to open the Virtual MachineBiosAs shown in. SelectBoot maintenance manager


The first one in the figure below represents the hard disk, and the second one represents the optical drive. Select the first one.


SelectMac OS X install data



Save and exit


After the system is restarted, enter the installationMac OSThis interface is correct. We just want to continue the installation !!!!


The hard disk has been allocated. Select it directly!


OK .............I don't need to talk about the following.It's almost done!


After completion


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