VMware cannot identify USB devices

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The vmwarevm was able to identify USB devices/USB flash disks, but it suddenly failed. It has been searching for a long time on the Internet. The methods provided are roughly as follows:

1. press Ctrl + R to start running, and enter services. MSC, find a VMware USB driver service and set it to start. If it is started, check that there are two USB icons in the bottom right corner of the VM window. Then, disconnect from the host is displayed, there should be no problem. (However, there is no USB icon in the lower right corner of my VM window. After checking, my service is started ).

2. Check the virtual machine under the Virtual Machine-see if there is any corresponding USB controller. If no USB controller is added, check the Three Option boxes on the right. (My USB controller is available and the corresponding options are checked, but it still cannot work)

3. trying the above two options is fruitless. I finally thought that the data sharing between the vmwarevm and the host is implemented through vmtools. Previously, vmtools was also usable, and USB should be similar, since USB cannot be shared between the host machine and the Virtual Machine (the host machine can recognize the USB flash disk, but the virtual machine cannot recognize it), is there a problem with vmtools?Reinstall vmtoolsThe problem is solved as a result. In fact, the problem is quite simple, but the process is quite painful, wasting some time.


VMware cannot identify USB devices

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