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In the previous period, the blogger installed the Ubuntu system on the VMware virtual machine, and if the students have not yet installed, they can refer to an article by Master Bo: VMware Ubuntu installation detailed process.

Ape friends know that Linux is not very useful, and if you want to put files or installation packages on your host Windows on a virtual machine, VMware tools is an essential tool.

Welcome attention, learn from each other, and later there will be more Linux to build the Java Development environment and framework related blogs.

The following small pigeon is attached with the detailed process of VMware Tools installation.

1, open the virtual machine VMware Workstation, start the Ubuntu System, menu bar-virtual machine-install VMware Tools, do not start the Ubuntu system is not able to click the "Install VMware Tools" option, the following figure:

2, if the following pop-up box, click is to:

3, at this point, you will find the virtual machine device under a lot of VMware Tools this item, click on it, which has a vmwaretools...tar.gz file:

4, Next we extract the vmwaretools...tar.gz file to a directory, the following figure, the blogger is extracted to the desktop just newly created myfile directory:

5, the completion of the extraction will find the desktop myfile inside a Vmware-tools-distrib folder, this is what we will install the need to use:

6, below our shortcut key ctrl+alt+t, launches the command box, then switches to the root user (toggles the command for: sudo su, the carriage return then will prompt you to enter the current login user's password, enters succeeds then enters the root user):

7, then we take the root user into the Vmware-tools-distrib folder just extracted, and then enter the command:./vmware-install.pl, then return to the following figure:

8, the above operation began to install VMware tools, according to its prompt input yes/no, until the enjoy,–the VMware team shown below, indicating that the installation was successful, and then manually restart the virtual machine:

9. After restarting the virtual machine we found that the menu bar-virtual machine-install VMware tools into the "reinstall" word, which also indicates that VMware Tools has been installed successfully:

10, after the installation of VMware Tools, the virtual machine and the host can be "dragged" to transfer files:

The above is the entire content of this article, I hope to help you learn, but also hope that we support the cloud habitat community.

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