VMware Workstation (vmwarevirtual machine) v8.0.3 installation graphic tutorial & perfect Chinese cracked Version Download

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Software Name:VMware Workstation 8 (perfect Chinese Version)

:VMware Workstation 8 perfect Chinese version. Zip

Installation serial number:UV3NK-25Y41-081CZ-0YP7C-PQ89A

Installation instructions in Chinese:

1. Install the original vmware workstation. After installation, check the next one.

2. Shut down vmware workstation, and then close all processes of VMware Workstation in the task manager;

3.run supervisor vmware __workstation_8.0.3.exe ". For 32-bit and 64-bit files, please choose according to the system conditions.

Installation graphic Tutorial:

1. After downloading the package, open the three files in the compressed package. The first is the original VMware installation file, and the second is the Chinese file. Double-click to run the original installation file.

2. Double-click the installation file mentioned in the previous step and the loading interface will appear. Just wait.

3. click Next.

4. Typical typical Installation & custom installation, which is easier to use.

5. Select the installation directory of VMware. Click "change" and select the directory to be installed. Then click "Next.

6. Installation started. Wait a few minutes ......

7. After the installation is complete, this interface will pop up, prompting you to enter the serial number. Enter the installation serial number mentioned above, and then click "enter ".

8. After the installation is complete, click "finish". The VMware icon will appear on your computer desktop, but do not enable it at this time. You must first apply the Chinese patch.

9. open the "Task Manager" and shut down all processes of "VMware" before installing the Chinese patch. Maybe there are more than two processes. Take a closer look at the process list, all of them are "terminated processes ".

10. Open the Chinese patch (second) in the downloaded VMware compressed package, and finish the subsequent steps.

So far, VMWare Workstation 8 has been installed successfully.

Below is a runVMware Workstation 8 perfect Chinese VersionNext, I will release tutorials on virtual machines installed on Windows, Linux, centos, and other operating systems in VMware.

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  • That's all? After the virtual machine is installed, it is the same as the desktop?
    The Administrator replied: No, this tutorial only teaches you to install the vmwarevm platform software. You also need to open VMware and create a new virtual machine. The new virtual machine is a virtualized independent computer.
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