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Voice Lab 3-iphone Features & CME features1-Test topology:

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No Auto-reg-ephone//Turn off auto-registration

Max-ephones 5


IP source-address Port 2000//Telephone registration address

Timeouts Interdigit 5//dial button wait time

System Message HM TEST//Company logo

Network-locale JP//define Location

Time-format 24//define Time format

Date-format YY-MM-DD

Voicemail 9999

Max-conferences 8 gain-6//up to 8 people attending the meeting

Web Admin system name Cisco password Cisco//Open GUI

Dn-webedit//You can change the DN in the Web page

Time-webedit//Can change the time in the Web page

Transfer-system Full-consult

Secondary-dialtone 1//External dial tone

Create Cnf-files Version-stamp 7960 Jan 11 2016 20:25:32

Load 7914 S00105000200//Update phone firmware

Several common commands:

Show Telephone-service

Show Ephone Summary

Show Ephone Registered

Debug VPM Signal

Debug cch323 h225

Debug cch323 h245

Debug VoIP Dialpeer

2-Open GUI for CME

R1#format Flash://In GNS3 Flash format, with the following command to ensure that Flash is visible

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R1#archive tar/xtract Tftp:// Flash:

Note: Cme-gui- can be downloaded to my Baidu network disk.

R1 (config) #ip HTTP server//Turn on HTTP service

Http:// can be accessed, the following is

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3-Configure phone directory3-1 phone configuration


Number 1001

Name FuA, EricA


Number 1002

Name Fub, ERICB


Number 1003



Ephone 1

Mac-address 0200.4C4F.4F50


Button 1:1

Ephone 2

Mac-address 000c.295e.aa6d


Button 1:2

Ephone 3

Mac-address 000c.29cc.0734


Button 1:3

3-2 Configuring local Directory

R1 (config) #telephony-service

R1 (config-telephony) #service local-directory

R1 (config-telephony) directory Last-name-first

R1 (config-telephony) directory entry 1 1001 name FuA EricA

R1 (config-telephony) directory entry 2 1002 name Fub ERICB

R1 (config-telephony) directory entry 3 1003 name FuC ERICC

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4-Configure Call forward 4-1 method one

Set on the telephone

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4-2 Method Two

R1 (config) #ephone-dn 1



R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #call-forward?

All forward all calls

Busy forward call on busy

Max-length max number of digits allowed for Cfwdall from IP phone

Night-service forward call on activated Night-service

Noan forward call on No-answer

5-Configuring Call Forwarding

It has two ways of

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R1 (config-telephony) #transfer-system?

Full-blind Perform Call transfers without consultation using h.450.2 or

SIP REFER Standard methods//Full blind turn

Full-consult Perform H.450.2/sip Call transfers with consultation using

Second phone line if available, fallback to Full-blind if

Second line unavailable. The recommended mode for most

Systems. See also ' supplementary-service ' commands under

' Voice service VoIP ' and Dial-peer. Full consultation turn

Local-consult Perform Call transfers with local consultation using second

Phone line if available, fallback to blind for non-local

Consultation/transfer Target. Uses Cisco Proprietary method.//local turn


Private number self-ringing

For example, an off-hook triggers a call

Voice-port 1/0/0

Connection Plar 2001

7-Configuring Call Residency


Number 1004


Name Callpark

Detailed commands can refer to the following table

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1001a<--->1002b communication

b something, switch to location C, and park at the same time, enter 1004.

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Then call Park 1004 using C's phone, and then set up a connection

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8-Configuring Call Pickup

is with the pickup and gpickup keys.

R1 (config) #ephone-dn 1

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #pickup-group 1

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #ephone-dn 2

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #pickup-group 1

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #ephone-DN 3

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #pickup-group 1

How to answer:

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? Example:

Pickup: From outside a phone 2222 calls 1001. 1001 does not answer. 1002 Lift Press the pickup key. Enter 1001. This allows 2222 and 1001 calls to be switched on by 1002 (different groups also do not matter)

? Gpickup: Call from 2222 to 1002. 1002 does not answer. 1001 Lifting Machine. Press the Gpickup key. Input 1002

The group number 2 is located. The 2222 and 1001 calls are switched on.

9-Configure shortcut dialing

!!! Special attention to the number overlap

NUM-EXP 1 2001 Dial 1,2001 will ring (first to have a route)

Num-exp 2 2002

Special note is: Here is a shortcut key is "2" Dial 2002,, this is if need to hit 2001,, it is different, because press to 2 on the trigger to call 2002.

R1 (config) #num-exp 3 1003

Call 3 is the representative dial 1003

10-Configure Intercom Phone

In a telephone configuration that is actually applied to the subordinate relationship

R1 (config) #ephone-dn 6

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #number A100

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #intercom A101 label Manager

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #ephone-dn 7

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #number A101

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #intercom A100 label "Assistant"

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #ephone 1

R1 (config-ephone) #button 2:6

R1 (Config-ephone) #restart

R1 (Config-ephone) #ephone 2

R1 (config-ephone) #button 2:7

R1 (Config-ephone) #restart

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Intercom has the following parameters:

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11-Configuration Huntgroup

To call the switchboard. First 1001 will ring. If 1001 presses the DND key (don ' t disturb, similar

Mute), or Endcall. 1002 will ring. 1002 also press. 1003 ringing.

The CME is configured as follows:

R1 (config) #ephone-hunt 1?

Longest-idle longest idle hunting \ Select by Time

Peer peer hunting \ \ Peers Select rotation

Sequential sequential hunting \ Order Selection

R1 (config) #ephone-hunt 1 sequential

R1 (Config-ephone-hunt) #pilot 8888//Call switchboard 8888

R1 (config-ephone-hunt) #list 1001,1002

R1 (config-ephone-hunt) #preference 1//The priority of this Huntgroup

R1 (config-ephone-hunt) #timeout 30//30 seconds automatically jump to the next

R1 (config-ephone-hunt) #final 9999//last transferred to voicemail

R1 (config) #ephone-dn 1 dual-line

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #huntstop Channel//If the first busy, then automatically to the second ring. By default, the first busy is not going to turn.

R1 (config) #ephone-dn 2 Dual-line

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #huntstop Channel

R1 (config) #ephone-dn 3 Dual-line

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #huntstop Channel

12-Configure the paging function

Paging is configured for Class three, unicast, multicast, broadcast.

R1 (config) #ephone-dn 4

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #number 5555


R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #paging IP port 2000 \ \ configured as a multicast address


R1 (config) #ephone 1

R1 (Config-ephone) #paging-DN 4

R1 (Config-ephone) #ephone 2

R1 (Config-ephone) #paging-DN 4

1003 call 5555, then 1001 and 1002 automatically answer, because they are in the same paging group

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R1 (config) #ephone-dn 5

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #number 6666

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #paging Group 4,5

The application of the Paging group is to dial 6666 and also ring all phones Paging DN 4

13-SIP Phone Support

The configuration is as follows:

Voice Class codec 1

Codec Preference 1 G711ulaw

Codec Preference 2 G729R8!

Voice Register Global Mode CME



Max-pool 5

Authenticate realm cisco.com Create profile!

Voice Register DN 1 Number 9001!

Voice Register pool 1 ID mac 9999.9999.0001

Number 1 DN 1

Voice-class Codec 1 call above class must be written, or write fixed code username Evan Password Evan

Voice Service VoIP SIP

Bind control Source-interface Loopback0 bind media source-interface Loopback0 allow-connections sip to h323 Registrar Server

Note the value of the preference, which is used first, 0 as the default, for the maximum

If it is playing between two sips (VoIP to VoIP in the routing table), due to the mechanism of the anti-ring, we have to hit the following command

Voice service VoIP

Allow-connections SIP to sip

Allow-connections SIP to H323

Allow-connections h323 to H323

On R1 and R2, when writing dial-peer, it is recommended to add: Voice-class codec x Command dial-peer voice 8000 VoIP

Destination-pattern 80..

Voice-class codec 1

Session Target ipv4:x.x.x.x

14-Configure time period call blocking

R1 (config) #telephony-service

R1 (config-telephony) #after-hours Day Mon 18:00 9:00//Definition period, Week 1 6 o'clock in the evening to 9 o'clock

R1 (Config-telephony) #after-hours block pattern 1 9T

R1 (Config-telephony) #ephone 3//except telephone 3

R1 (config-ephone) #after-hour exempt

R1 (Config-ephone) #ephone 2

R1 (config-ephone) #pin 1234//except phone 2, but to enter a pin, it is in the phone screen "log in"

R1 (Config-ephone) #exit

R1 (config) #telephony-service

R1 (Config-telephony) #login time-Clear 23:00//define the wait times for entering the PIN code

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15-Configuring CDR

Cdr:call Detail Record

R1 (config) #logging buffered 51200

R1 (config) #dial-control-mib retain-timer 10080 \ \ Retention Time

R1 (config) #dial-control-mib max-size 700 \ \ reserved length

The above configuration is not the case with log server, but the following is a configuration with server

R1 (config) #gw-accounting syslog

R1 (config) #logging

650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image030 "style=" Border-top:0px;border-right:0px;border-bottom:0px;border-left : 0px; "alt=" clip_image030 "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/7A/FF/wKiom1bEeHfgAAtiAAD8XqppD8w787.png "border=" 0 "height=" 279 "/>

During the call, this key is used for billing purposes, such as each department cost center

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16-Configure Keep music moh

650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image034 "style=" Border-top:0px;border-right:0px;border-bottom:0px;border-left : 0px; "alt=" clip_image034 "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/7A/FE/wKioL1bEeN6wentkAACATUJETHA944.jpg "border=" 0 "height=" 106 "/>

R1 (config) #telephony-service

R1 (config-telephony) #moh 1.wav

R1 (config-telephony) #multicast moh Port 2111

17-Configure Call Permissions Cor

The way cor works is a bit of a hassle. It is implemented in three steps,

The first is to define the Cor member and the second is to define the Cor list. The third is binding with Dial-peer and EPHONE-DN. The COR members are included in the Cor list, and the Cor list is bound to Dial-peer and EPHONE-DN.

COR lists are divided into incoming and outgoing. So how can you tell if it's allowed to pass? If the member in the cor outgoing is a subset of the members in the cor incoming , it can be passed . For example, incoming members have 1,2,3,4, and outgoing has 1 or 1, 2, or 2,3,4, which is a subset of incoming (this is the content of the math collection). This time the Dial-peer will continue to pass.

(Special case, it is also possible to pass if either the DIAL-PEER,EPHONE-DN or the two parties are not associated with any COR list)

Ephone-dn and Dial-peer are bound to the Cor incoming. The Dial-peer is bound to the Cor outgoing.

650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image036 "style=" Border-top:0px;border-right:0px;border-bottom:0px;border-left : 0px; "alt=" clip_image036 "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/7A/FE/wKioL1bEeN_CBFMoAABPNdi4nZY232.jpg "border=" 0 "height=" 175 "/>

Now requires 1001 can only dial 2001, 1002 can dial 2002

R1 (config) #dial-peer Cor Custom//define COR member

R1 (Config-dp-cor) #name call2001

R1 (Config-dp-cor) #name call2002

R1 (Config-dp-cor) #exit

out and into the direction List Is not determined from the beginning of the configuration, it is created at the time List . It's just that you apply the dial-peer to the COR list .

Defines the matching criteria for remembering Cor at the Cor list time : Out to the cor member is a subset of the incoming to pass

R1 (config) #dial-peer cor list cor-out-2001

R1 (config-dp-corlist) #mem call2001

R1 (config) #dial-peer cor list cor-out-2002

R1 (config-dp-corlist) #member call2002

Define into the Cor list

R1 (config) #dial-peer cor list cor-in-2001

R1 (config-dp-corlist) #mem

R1 (config-dp-corlist) #member call2001

R1 (config-dp-corlist) #exit

R1 (config) #dial-peer cor list cor-in-2002

R1 (config-dp-corlist) #member call2002

The state set out to Corlist on the Dial-peer

R1 (config) #no dial-p voice VoIP

R1 (config) #dial-P Voice 2001 VoIP

R1 (Config-dial-peer) #destination-pattern 2001

R1 (config-dial-peer) #corlist outgoing cor-out-2001

R1 (config-dial-peer) #session target ipv4:

R1 (Config-dial-peer) #exit

R1 (config) #dial-P Voice 2002 VoIP

R1 (Config-dial-peer) #destination-P 2002

R1 (config-dial-peer) #corlist outgoing cor-out-2002

R1 (config-dial-peer) #session target ipv4:

Bind into the Dial-peer or EPHONE-DN.

R1 (config) #ephone-dn 1

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #corlist incoming cor-in-2001

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #ephone-dn 2

R1 (CONFIG-EPHONE-DN) #corlist incoming cor-in-2002

Test results: When you can't get through, the phone shows unknown number.

650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image038 "style=" Border-top:0px;border-right:0px;border-bottom:0px;border-left : 0px; "alt=" clip_image038 "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/7A/FE/wKioL1bEeOCDtkv8AABlzD8BoC0808.jpg "border=" 0 "height=" 225 "/>

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Voice Lab 3-iphone Features & CME Features

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