Vpay System Technology Development

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I. In-depth analysis of the bonus system of the vpay system:

A. Static dividend (Release)

1. You can earn 80 yuan and 20 points in the registration form. You can manually redeem 80 yuan to earn points, which is 6 times larger. That is, you can increase your investment by 5 times, points are returned to the balance on a daily basis based on the decreasing principle of 2 ‰, and the balance can be circulated (transfer, sell, and transfer to digital assets U BaO) Liu Xing:

2. Acceleration Award (the release of accelerated points to the balance ):

Push 1 person directly, take 2 generations, 1 generation () %, 2 generation () %,

Push two people directly, take six generations, one generation () %, two generation () %, three generations and above () %,

Push 3 people directly, take 9 generations, 1 generation () %, 2 generation () %, 3 generation and above () %,

Push four people directly, take 12 generations, one generation () %, two generation () %, three generations and above () %,

Push 5 people directly, take 15 generations, one generation () %, two generation () %, three generations and above () %,

// New database record

Attachment ATT = new attachment ();

String id = UUID. randomuuid (). tostring ();

Att. setid (ID );

Att. setasocciateid (UUID );

Att. setattachmenttype (attachment. attachmenttype. voucher );

Att. setfilename (filename );

Att. setfileurl (fileurl );

Attachments. Add (ATT );

B. Dynamic dividend

1. Direct Promotion Prize: the downstream circulation amount (transfer, and purchase) is directly pushed, and the subordinate superior can obtain the circulation amount * () %

2. Team Award: the vip id is promoted when the accumulated points reach (). The amount of the team under the umbrella * () % can be obtained, and the VIP is intercepted when the team appears

Note: transfer/buyer: 80% + 20% points, transfer/seller: 100% + 80% points deducted

Modify DNS

DNS changes involve files:/etc/resolv. conf. If this file is not used, create one. Add the following content:



Search localdomain

After the modification, run the following command to restart the network service:

Systemctl restart network. Service

Ii. vpay system credit analysis

(1) Balance Exchange: at the time of re-investment, the balance can be converted into 6 times of points, for example, 1000 of the balance can be converted into 6000 points

(2) Example of the value produced by circulation a transfers the balance of 1000 to B, A adds 800 points, and B receives 800 points/200 points

(3) become VIP: automatically upgrade to VIP when the number of points reaches 1 million: ①. enjoy an additional 8% points of the total circulation balance of the entire block. (For example, if the circulation balance is 10 thousand points, you can add an additional 800 points of the total circulation balance of the entire VIP block (if the circulation balance of the VIP is 2% points)

Gg = open (r 'C: \ Users \ Vivi \ Desktop \ non. jpg ', 'rb ')

F = open (r 'C: \ Users \ Vivi \ Desktop \ ren.jpg ', 'wb ')

For I in GG:

F. Write (I)

GG. Close ()

F. Close ()

Vpay System Technology Development

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