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If we used to use this domain name VPS host products may be more familiar with the previous D total domain name, according to its own and the current new official saying has been sold to a Hong Kong company, belonging to the Cerulean Global services under the host brand. For our users, whether there is no relationship does not matter, nor to tangle, and whether it is the company or individual products, we demand is stable, easy to use, the best cost-effective.
At the time of last week a netizen had a Los Angeles server of their home, incidentally provided root authority, let the old left test performance, has been busy recently did not how online, so now go to spend a little time from the traditional performance of a number of data sharing down. Again, whether this article or other businesses of the VPS, virtual host, server and other products, evaluation and tutorials only represent my own test, if we use and reference process in the different factors are multifaceted, I hope to understand.
First, official websites and offers
The code is as follows Copy Code
Official website address: www.vps.gg
At present, the official has to provide servers, VPS hosts and other products, data center Los Angeles engine room. The configuration of this machine is the configuration is E3 1276, 16G, 1T, 100M, 10T flow, two-way cn2 line, his monthly fee 399 to buy. In this article, I will test some of the performance of this friend's Los Angeles server, if also useful netizens can leave a message to other friends for reference.
Second, ping Speed test
Third, IO hard disk read and write performance
Four, MTR route tracking test
Test of running points
Network node file download test

Summary, from this server for the domestic node ping speed is still available, hard drive Read and write IO a little bit lower. In short, look at personal needs, this side first hang a few days to see how stability.

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