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I have a 2501 router whose IOS is bad (cisocB), another 2501 router whose IOS is good (ciscoA), and a good IOS has no more on my PC, however, it is a waste of time to create a TFTP file on the PC and upload it to the PC. Then I thought of a way to directly configure the vro as a TFTP server.

My connection method is that the two routers are connected through the E0 port. First, on the good router (cisocA), configure the E0 port as (the IP address is randomly configured, as long as the two E0 ports can PING each other) and then enter the tftp-server c2500-js-l.122-7a.bin under the configuration mode (this is the IOS file name in your IOS, use show version to view your IOS file name

After this A has been configured, go to B to configure it. First, let this start to BOOT mode. In Global configuration mode, enter config-register 0x2101 and then restart the router, after BOOT to BOOT mode, configure your E port. After BOOT Mode, enter copy tftp flash, and prompt you to enter the TFTP server, and then enter the file name, the procedure is as follows:

CisocA # conf t
CisocA (config) # tftp-server c2500-js-l.122-7a.bin
CisocA (config) # int e0
CisocA (config-if) # ip add
CisocA (config-if) # no shut
CiscoB (config) # conf t
CiscoB (config) # config-register 0x2101
CiscoB (config) # end
CiscoB # reload
System configuration has been modified. Save? [Yes/no]: y
CiscoB (boot)> enable
CiscoB (boot) # conf terminal
CiscoB (boot) (config) # int e0
CiscoB (boot) (config-if) # ip add
CiscoB (boot) (config-if) # no shut
CiscoB (boot) (config-if) # end
CiscoB (boot) # erase flash
System flash directory:
File Length Name/status
1 15533612 c2500-js-l.122-7a.bin
[15533676 bytes used, 1243540 available, 16777216 total]
Erase flash device? [Confirm]
Are you sure? [Yes/no]: y
Address or name of remote host []?
Source file name? C2500-js-l.122-7a.bin
Destination file name [c2500-js-l.122-7a.bin]?
Erase flash device before writing? [Confirm] (Press ENTER)
Copy 'c2500-js-l.122-7a.bin 'from server
As 'c2500-js-l.122-7a.bin 'into Flash WITH erase? [Yes/no] y
After entering Y, the program will automatically copy ios. After successful completion, you will configure the following:
CiscoB (config) # config-register 0x2102
CiscoB (config) # reload

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