VRRP: virtual router redundancy protocol-vro redundancy Association, vrrpredundancy

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VRRP: virtual router redundancy protocol-vro redundancy Association, vrrpredundancy

Vro redundancy protocol
Virtual router redundancy protocol

Ensure that different network segments are interconnected;
Intranet: different internal departments;
Internet: company network boundaries;

Fault: A single router failure, resulting in all network interruption; solution: deploy multiple routers in the network at the same time; for example: VLAN 10: PC-1

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VRRP: (Public Protocol)

Run between multiple routers,
One or more gateway IP addresses (vrouters) can be virtualized );
To achieve intercommunication between different network segments in the Intranet;

Working Process of VRRP:
1. The "multiple" routers running VRRP exchange VRRP packets to select
The best router, as the Master router, will be used for this device later
To forward data packets;

2. There is only one Master router. Other routers are called backup routers. 3. At the same time, the Master and Backup routers generate a virtual router, that is, a virtual IP address;

VRRP configuration command:

1. Enter gateway Port 2 and configure VRRP virtual ip address; 3. Modify the priority of the primary router; interface fas0/0 vrrp vrid 1 virtual-ip // enable VRRP, configure the virtual gateway IP address vrrp vrid 1 priority 110 // configure the priority of the VRRP master device; default value: 100; 4. Verify, test, and save the show vrrp R1/R2: debug ip icmp PC: ping R1/R2: Router # write

HSRP: hot standby route protocol, dual-host hot Backup protocol; [Cisco private protocol]

Same functions:
Commands are slightly different:
Interface fas0/0
Standby 1 ip // enable VRRP and configure the virtual gateway IP Address
Standby 1 priority 110 // configure the priority of the VRRP master device;
The default value is 100;
Standby 1 preempt // enable the HSRP preemption function of the device;

HSRP Link Tracking:

The "external link" tracking technology in HSRP ensures that when the gateway device goes to the Internet, a problem occurs.
Later, the internal HSRP can be perceived immediately, thus reducing the HSRP priority,
To ensure that the standby Router in the HSRP group can be quickly upgraded to active routing,
Forward data packets.

Configuration implementation:
Interface gi0/0
Standby 1 ip
Standby 1 priority 150
Standby 1 preempt
Standby 1 track gi0/1 100
// HSRP under this port monitors the status of the gi0/1 link at all times;
If the status changes to down, the HSRP sent from the port is
The priority in the message is reduced by 100 to 50 compared with the original one;

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VRRP: (Huawei configuration command)

R1 :( master router) interface gi0/0/0 vrrp vrid 1 ip vrrp vrid 1 priority 150 vrrp vrid 1 track interface gi0/0/1 reduced 100 // trace the status of port gi0/0/1, if down, the priority is reduced by 100 to 50. R2 :( backup router) interface gi0/0/0 vrrp vrid 1 virtual-ip

Enable debug for Huawei devices:

   terminal monitor2、
    terminal debugging3、
     debugging ip icmp 4、[huawei]info-center console channel monitor 

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