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Question:Even if you do not have any programming experience, you can easily and happily step into programming as long as you are willing to understand the learning methods described in this article. Let's start exciting togetherVs. netTour.

1. PassInternetThe ability to acquire knowledge is the most important capability in the Internet age.

InAt the age of 26, set a goal for yourself. Before the age of 35, you must control your English language and programming skills. So far, I have never learned much about programming and English, but I have some experience in learning methods. I would like to share with you.

Here we will first introduce the situation of tuenhai. The 26-year-old is mainly engaged in Chinese teaching and can be said to have no knowledge of computer and English. It may make you laugh: computers do not access the Internet; English doesn't know phonetic symbols. Although the tuenhai level is not very good, his ambition is higher than the sky, and he is determined to change himself, just do what he says, spend 7000 oceans to buy a computer and start to learn his own computer. 26 years old, opening a new chapter in life.
First, we split our computer, installed the hardware, and installed the hardware (poor tuenhai motherboard, repaired several times, or decommissioned; the video card is burned out due to live insertion and removal, or the mobile phone store friends help welding ). In order to quickly find the required tutorial articles from the Internet, the monthly cost of 100 million oceans and a narrow-band monthly package was. I wanted to take two days and two nights to get down an x-ray. As a result, the next episode only had no sound or images, I also listened to him!
Tuenhai has always advocated learning at work. What you learn should be related to work. Work and study should promote each other. Although Chinese teachers can also learn their own computers, tuenhai thought the process was too slow (at that time, tuenhai's school had no computer courses ). As a result, people who have just learned computers for less than half a year "accidentally" became computer teachers. Fortunately, it is basically an entry-level training, but it also forces tuenhai to learn faster. Originally, tuenhai used the pinyin plus input method. Due to work relations, I had to switch to five. The National Computer Level Examination has to test dos, so I learned DoS again. I used FrontPage for Web pages. Now I use Dreamweaver MX, fireworks MX, and Flash MX. Try the motherboard's random manual and the English dictionary several times, and enable CMOS at ease. What system optimization is available. Although the page is not very good, the daily IP traffic is more than 300 per day. At the age of 29, I still had no idea about Windows application programming. VB6 was installed, installed, and deleted. It was difficult to do so several times and had never crossed the first programming threshold.

Mm, who worked in danzhou information port the day before, talked about and learned Visual Studio. NET program design. MM asked: are you studying in closed doors? Tuenhai replied: You? Tuenhai may consider sponsoring "tuition fees. Yes,The Internet is the largest university. The Internet can change the world and will eventually change the world. The Internet can change our lives and make our learning and life extremely brilliant. As long as you know how to use it, you can make good use of it.Now that we are in the Internet era, network communication basically makes up for the lack of self-learning. Through network communication and learning, we have more advantages than school education.
As you can see, if you have never been familiar with the programming language, what is Visual Studio. NET? What will you do?
First, check the books on hand. It is unrealistic for an individual to open a computer library. The knowledge to be searched is often not found in the books on hand;
Second, call a friend. It is a problem if a friend understands it. Is it empty? He is free. He doesn't know the actual situation on your side. What he says is not necessarily what you want, or what he says is not necessarily understandable;
Third, the library will query information;
Fourth, go to the bookstore;
Fifth, I ran to ask the teacher;
Sixth ,......
Yes, this is the traditional practice. But now it is the Internet era. You may find the answer in less than a minute. Access the Internet, open Internet Explorer, and enterHttp://www.google.comAnd press enter to enter
Visual Studio. NETLanguage
Note that there is a space in the middle of Chinese and English. Then press enter to display the page:

About66,900Item conformityVisual Studio. NETLanguageThe query result.1-10. (When searching0.12Seconds)

What about Visual Studio. NET. Click the title of the article to view your desired knowledge.

"Software is a past era, and Web services are coming. "Microsoft's senior vice president Li Kaifu said," Web Service itself can be said to be a gamble and a risk, because you can trust or not trust the occurrence of this incident. Tuenhai can only say that Microsoft has made a bet on the entire company. The future of our bet is web service. "

Don't tell tuenhai that you are much better than gates. Our pursuit of surpassing Gates is not necessarily a reality, but we can get in touch with the Internet one step earlier and use it.

2. In the process of learning programming, you must be good at asking experts for help and be more willing to guide beginners. It is a great pleasure to learn programming in communication.

At the age of 29, he started to work in enterprise management. Due to work relationship, Microsoft Office software is required. Office software has a Visual Basic for application (VBA) language, which is a subset of VB and has all the advantages of VB, built-in in office, you can only create, program, and run in office. You can record macros and convert them to code automatically. The first time I came into contact with the programming language, I felt that it was difficult to learn VBA by myself. When you encounter difficulties and confusions during your learning, tuenhai will go to the Internet to find learning resources and answers. Soon I found an excellent community for Microsoft Office, suchOffline (http://www.officefans.net),Excelhome (http://club.excelhome.net /)So I immediately registered a name in the Community. When I encountered a question in learning VBA, I went to the community to ask, and every time I had some enthusiastic answers from netizens.
For example, tuenhai often inserts blank rows before the tenth row of an Excel worksheet. Select a worksheet, move the cursor to the specified row, right-click the row, and select insert ". Repeat the operation. Ask the officefans question and get the following VBA code according to the moderator kengzeng:

Sub insert ()
Sheets ("sheet2"). Rows ("10: 10"). insert
End sub

Four steps are required. Now, you can press the shortcut key. Tuenhai didn't understand VBA. He had no idea about programming concepts such as "set", "object", "method", "attribute", "Event", and "enumeration, however, tuenhai can still apply VBA at work due to the guidance and help of online experts. After many applications, some VBA codes used will be hardly memorized, start to understand some concepts and theories of VBA.

Everything starts with hard. If you cannot solve the problem at the beginning of learning, you may give up learning. If you are enthusiastic about answering his questions, you can apply new knowledge immediately, new knowledge is instantly consolidated, and interest in learning is stimulated and enhanced, so learning can continue and deepen. Of course, for friends who have the spirit of "hanging", reading and studying by themselves may solve all the difficult problems, but it is very rare, and most people are ordinary people like tuenhai.

Not to mention courtesy. I got a lot of guidance from the experts on the internet, and I always felt like I was missing someone. I wanted to compile an e-book and integrate the common Excel VBA learning tutorials to help beginners get started quickly. It took two weeks to collect and organize an e-book called 《Microsoft Excel 23-day pass Course"Http://www.sharebank.com.cn/soft/soft_view.php? Id = 11659The key content is Excel VBA. It is very popular to put e-books on officefans for users to download. Why does tuenhai compile this ebook? Is it really idle? It is not good to go to bubble mm when you are free. Why do you have to do boring text sorting? In fact, tuenhai has a "private heart?

What is "selfish "? Helping others is helping yourself. "Buddha" is actually for the purpose of crossing yourself. Tuenhai, In order to comprehend this truth, has hundreds of scholars, scholars, and doctors, and has nothing to do with it. It still takes 30 years to complete his life, born ...... ? Haha) You are smarter than tuenhai. You should have understood this for a long time.

Why help is helping yourself?
To help others academically and give pointers to others, we must consider them from the perspective of others and think about others' ideas, breaking the limitations of tuenhai's thinking.
From the information point of view, personal self-repair requires a small amount of additional information for knowledge. In the process of helping others, there is information exchange between people. In the process of information exchange, knowledge information is enhanced.
For example, if a child lives in an English environment and is 3 years old, he or she is fluent in oral English. In our school education, after graduating from college, he or she has been studying English for more than 10 years. Why?
A child remembers a word or sentence in communication with external information. Specifically, the child remembers the information exchange situation at that time, the natural memory of a word or sentence is realized through the natural memory of the situation. Why can't I learn programming when I learn spoken language? When you give pointers to others on a certain issue, your memory may be very impressive. If you read a book and learn it yourself, you may understand a problem at the time, but the situation with the help of memory is very informative, after a long time, it is easy to forget.
Therefore, in the process of learning programming, you can communicate with others, learn from experts with an open mind, and give more guidance to beginners. In this way, you can create a learning situation, strengthen your memory, and enhance your understanding.
Li Yang advocates the "Crazy English" learning method, while tuenhai advocates the "crazy programming" learning method, which creates every opportunity to exchange programming experience with others and conduct intensive training and learning from communication. However, you should also note that communication is not a means of purpose.
There are many ways to exchange programming experience: Forum exchanges, media submissions, QQ, ICQ, and other communication software exchanges. I personally think that csdn provides us with a very good "blog column". You can learn programming, write down your experiences, and communicate with everyone through your personal column.

VBA is the application branch of VB. tuenhai applies VBA at work and naturally has a preliminary understanding of the concept and theory of VBA. At this time, I went to the VB tutorial and felt very friendly. Because VBA and VB are essentially the same. Tuenhai can finally enter the door of VB programming.

3. Starting from application, starting from solving practical problems, and gradually mastering Program Design Theories and skills during project completion

There are many programming languages,PconlineOfTool PlatformSuch as Vb/VB. NET, VC/C #, Delphi, Java, and C ++ builder. What language should I learn? In Google's input language comparison, I found an article titled religious fanatics in programming language and the eastern expedition. The first section is:
One of the favorite tasks for amateur programmers is to compare different languages. Is Java better than C ++? C # Will it become the ultimate language? All these. From the perspective of professional programmers, this is the least boring game. First, after the project metadata is determined, there is usually no room for language selection. Second, the survival of language itself is a problem of Darwin: if the two languages have a clear comparability, the inferior one must have been eliminated, and how can it be compared?

Tuenhai selects a programming language based on two principles:
First, what suits you is the best.
Second, if you do not know what applies to you, you should first chooseMicrosoftProgramming language.
Tuenhai selects VB (no specific situation for everyone, and tuenhai's choice is not necessarily suitable for you). Currently, tuenhai only considers developing common Windows applications, I also hope that the development of Windows application software and Microsoft VBA applications will promote each other. To put it bluntly, I have limited energy. It is best to use a language everywhere.
As a result, I got down more than n e-books on the Internet, and there were a lot of VB websites in my favorites. Tuenhai found that apart fromCsdnMostly, VB community forums are not popular.

The first time I came into contact with VB, I had no foundation. I learned from myself in my spare time. How can I quickly master VB programming?
If tuenhai has enough time (Self-study in his spare time is obviously insufficient) and enough patience (tuenhai is a person with less patience), you can follow the tutorials to learn and practice through controls one by one, this process is undoubtedly beneficial, but it is obviously too boring for tuenhai. Maybe half a year later, tuenhai had a good VB foundation, but it may have been abandoned by tuenhai for less than half a year. This requires a different approach. The idea of tuenhai is to set up a software project at the beginning, learn with the purpose, take a control as the core, and complete the project, gradually master the basic theories of using and programming VB controls. When the project is basically completed, VB programming is also getting started. The learning process is not boring because the project is used for learning with a clear purpose. If you are using shared software, your project will be more creative. On the day of your VB programming, maybe your software will bring you money!
What kind of software should be developed? Sun put forward an exciting saying: "The Network is a computer ". Computer Applications mainly lie in networks, so they are positioned to develop network application software. Tuenhai often communicates with online community forums. It takes a lot of time to fill in information when registering an item and when speaking, it takes a lot of time to automatically register and speak.

When learning VBA in May 2003, I wanted to use VBA to automatically register and speak on the Forum. If it was difficult to implement it, I found an alternative software on the Internet"Button genie (http://www.vrbrothers.com/cn/qmacro), The mouse button wizard is a software that simulates mouse and keyboard movements. By creating a script, you can use the keyboard Wizard to automatically execute a series of mouse and keyboard actions instead of your hands. I thought it was quite good. I wrote a script and automatically implemented the following functions with the shortcut key: open Internet Explorer, enter and open the URL, move the mouse to the specified coordinates, and enter characters, then press enter to register a or speak. Compared with manual input, it is much effort-saving to use the Button wizard. However, if the coordinates of the input boxes are different for different websites, You need to manually capture them. Is there any more convenient software?Click the wizard communitySomeone mentionedEzscript (http://ezscript.seed.cx /)More functions. after trial, the system is not responsive in Windows XP.GoogleCrazy Search, foundPcworker (http://www.pcworker.net). Pcworker works with network filling SoftwareFormghostTo achieve double-click registration or speech. If necessary, you can also add a random number to the title, and the pcworker code is highly readable, and the author can promptly listen to the opinions of netizens to improve the software.
Although pcworker is easy to use, it is not competent for pcworker software to obtain information from the network and make judgments (such as extracting hyperlinks. So I decided to use VB6 to implement my own ideas. I started learning VB6 in October 2003. By November, the project was basically completed. How is tuenhai made?

First, I browsed related articles on various VB websites and found that the webbrowser control can implement the functions required by tuenhai.
Second, collect a large number of articles and Code related to the webbrowser control.
UseGoogleSearch. For example, if "webbrowser" is used for keyword search, a total of 7,260,000 query results are returned.
Csdn ForumSearch. NavigateHttp://expert.csdn.net/Expert/Forum.asp, Log onto the Forum, click "Search", select "all communities", use "webbrowser" as the keyword, and then click "Search for the selected category". Wow, there are 300 posts about "webbrowser.
Csdn documentSearch and navigateHttp://www.csdn.net/search.aspEnter "webbrowser" in the search box, select "document", and click "Search" to find 57 "webbrowser" documents.
In actual programming difficulties, you can alsoCsdn ForumAsk questions and ask for help. Tuenhai was once inCsdn ForumI have asked no more than 10 questions about webbrowser and have all been answered.

Thanks to the three steps above, tuenhai's software has been released in just one and a half months, and VB programming has been basically started.

Microsoft Visual Studio. NET (vs. Net for short) is a natural contact when learning VB6 ). Ten years ago, Visual Basic 1.0 became a revolutionary application development language for millions of developers. Now, Visual Studio. net is ready for the next decade (a bit like advertising for Microsoft, what do you say),. ne is an ideal and realistic development tool for creating next-generation applications. It is a development environment created for XML Web Services from the very beginning. By allowing applications to communicate and share data over the Internet, XML Web Services enable businesses to switch from the Internet to a true platform for integrating and delivering their core business values. Visual Studio. net and XML Web Services provide simple, flexible, and standard-based models that allow developers to assemble applications from new and existing code, regardless of the platform, programming language, or object model.
Vs. NET 2003 mainly includes the following development tools:
Visualized basic. NET 2003
Visual C #. NET 2003
Visual c ++. NET 2003
Visual J #. NET 2003

Some people say that "learning should be oriented to the Future". In December 2003, tuenhai's main development tools changed from VB6 to VB. net. In January 1, 2004, tuenhai upgraded the newly developed software from VB6 to VB. net, and officially named it "forum posting software tool download version" (also known as "Forum auto posting software", "Forum auto posting tool", and "Forum batch posting software ", "Automatic posting tools for forums", "Quick posting tools for forums", "Forums", and "quick posting tools for forums") (if you want to promote your products online, come to tuenhai ).

When turning to VB. NET, tuenhai considers:
First, what is the essence of vs. Net?
Vs. NET is the development environment created for the XML Web Service from the very beginning. By allowing applications to communicate and share data over the Internet, XML Web Services enable businesses to switch from the Internet to a true platform for integrating and delivering their core business values.
To learn the future, we need to learn the latest technologies. The current learning will pave the way for future applications. Tuenhai's software should highlight two points: Internet-based applications and XML technology. In this way, tuenhai can grasp the new technology in the application as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be boring and easy to forget to learn.
Second. the "download version of forum posting software tool" originally written in VB6 mainly uses the webbrowser control. The webpage loading speed is slow and images and Flash files are downloaded.. net.
With the help of csdn's friends and with reference to many materials, tuenhai's "Forum auto-posting machine" already has the. NET feature. Code example:

1.Application of "automatic forum posting machine"XMLTechnology
In VB6, INI files are usually used to save system information and configuration information. To read and write INI files, you need to use API functions, which is not very convenient to use. In vs. net, there is no need to use the INI file to save and read some information. Instead, you can use the class for reading and writing XML files in vs. net. In addition, in subsequent versions of vs. NET 2003, the XML processing functions will be further enhanced.
Code for reading XML into the DataGrid:

Public myxmldataset as new dataset ("xmldataset ")
'Dataset is a memory resident representation of data. It provides consistent relational programming models regardless of the data sources it contains.
Myxmldataset. readxml ("regid. xml") 'reads XML files
Form1.definstance. datagrid1.datasource = myxmldataset 'definstance is the shared attribute of form1.
Strname = myxmldataset. Tables (0). Rows (0). Item ("name"). tostring 'read the username information from the DataGrid.

Update information from the DataGrid to the XML file code:

Dim myxmldataset as Dataset
Myxmldataset = ctype (datagrid1.datasource, dataset) 'Type Conversion
Myxmldataset. writexml ("regid. xml") 'writes information to the XML file

If the DataGrid Control is not used, it is easier to read and write specific information in the XML file:

Dim xmlinfo as new xmldocument
Xmlinfo. Load ("info. xml") 'loads XML files
Dim STR as string = xmlinfo. Item ("reginfo"). Item ("name"). innertext 'use "item" to read data level by level
Xmlinfo. Item ("reginfo"). Item ("pass"). innertext = "mypass"
Xmlinfo. Save ("info. xml") 'to save information to the XML file

Tuenhai originally intended to use the INI format to save Registration Information and speech information of the "Forum Automatic posting machine". However, one is not very convenient to read and write INI, and the other is more important in software development, therefore, the XML file is used to save the relevant information at the beginning. When I first came into contact with vs. net, I didn't know what the XML is. Now I can freely read and write XML using the "forum posting software tool". Is it a bit "expert? (Intoxicated first)

2.UseHttpwebresponseRelated ClassesGetAndPostInformation
Use get to read the webpage source code:

Dim httpreq as system. net. the httpwebrequest 'httpwebrequest class supports attributes and methods defined in webrequest, and supports additional attributes and methods that allow users to directly interact with servers using HTTP.
Dim httpresp as system. net. httpwebresponse
Dim URL as string ="Http://www.Tuenhai.com'Tuenhai's small site
Dim httpurl as new system. Uri (URL)
Httpreq = ctype (webrequest. Create (httpurl), httpwebrequest)
Httpreq. method = "get"
Httpresp = ctype (httpreq. getresponse (), httpwebresponse)
Dim reader as streamreader = _
New streamreader (httpresp. getresponsestream, system. Text. encoding. getencoding ("gb2312") 'if it is Chinese, set the encoding format to "GB 2312 ".
Dim resphtml as string = reader. readtoend () 'resphtml is the webpage source code
Httpresp. Close ()

To the serverPostInformation:

Dim httpurl2 as new system. Uri ("Http://www.Tuenhai.com? "&" Name = 1 & pass = 6 ")" "&" is followed by "registration information, which is changed to your own
Dim req as httpwebrequest
Req = ctype (webrequest. Create (httpurl2), httpwebrequest)
Req. method = "Post"
Req. contenttype = "application/X-WWW-form-urlencoded"
Dim bytesdata () as byte = system. Text. encoding. ASCII. getbytes ("name = 1 & pass = 6 ")
Req. contentlength = bytesdata. Length
Dim poststream as stream = Req. getrequeststream ()
Poststream. Write (bytesdata, 0, bytesdata. Length) 'is the post information to the network server.

Dim res as httpwebresponse = ctype (req. getresponse (), httpwebresponse)
Dim reader as streamreader = _
New streamreader (res. getresponsestream, system. Text. encoding. getencoding ("gb2312 "))
Dim resphtml as string = reader. readtoend () 'resphtml is the information returned by the network server after the post
Msgbox (resphtml) 'allows msgbox to view the returned information
Res. Close ()

3.Extract a URL from the source code of a webpage using a regular expression
After obtaining the webpage source code, we can process the source code, such as extracting links, email addresses, image addresses, and Flash. This is useful in the Forum auto-posting software tools.

Dim R as system. Text. regularexpressions. RegEx
Dim M as system. Text. regularexpressions. matchcollection
Dim resphtml as string = "http://www.NETsh.Net/subdomains/f_s_o.php? Leibie = shangmao "'uses this address as an Example
Strregex = "http: // ([/W] +/.) + [/W] + (/[/W.?] +) + Leibie [=] {1} [/W] + "'use this regular expression to extract the above address. The Regular Expression of generic 'for Link extraction is "http: // ([/W-] +/.) + [/W-] + (/[/W -./? % & =] *)?" .
R = new system. Text. regularexpressions. RegEx (strregex, system. Text. regularexpressions. regexoptions. ignorecase)
M = R. Matches (resphtml)
Dim I as integer
For I = 0 to M. Count-1
Msgbox (M (I). value)
Next I

4. Master and use a large number of network resources to assistVs. netYou will get twice the result with half the effort.

Now tuenhai's "Forum auto poster download version" is used. net full rewrite, and use inheritance, overload, multithreading, etc. Can all these be implemented in VB6, from VB6. is net wise?

I started learning VB6 programming in October 2003. In November, I used VB6 to complete 1st software-"Automatic posting tool download version". In January 17, 2004, I used VB. NET technology to rewrite the "forum posting tool download version ". Basic Introduction to computing. I didn't have any programming basics. I used all my spare time and didn't ask a teacher in person. If the learning is still smooth, a lot of it is due to understanding and using a large amount of network resources. The following lists the Vs. NET network learning resources that tuenhai has mastered. I hope you can point out any omissions.
1.Microsoft technical support
If you have any questions about vs. net, Contact Microsoft for help. If you do not know how to use the huge learning resources provided by Microsoft, tuenhai will tell you that you are seeking far away.
(1) first, install msdn, which is more detailed than all the Vs. net books on the market. In order to install msdn, tuenhai sacrifices the Dual Boot of tuenhai's 98 and XP, and changes it to a Windows XP single system. After installing msdn, you need to learn regular expressions,. in NET 2003, click "help", then click "Search", then enter "Regular Expression", Press enter, wow, find 470 topics, and study it slowly. It's hard to study, and you don't have to worry about it.GoogleAndCsdnAnd.
(2) OnlineMicrosoft. NET Framework SDK Quick Start (http://chs.gotdotnet.com/QuickStart), Which can be used with msdn.
(3)Microsoft China (http://www.mscommunity.com/Profile). Register in the community. If you have any questions, go to the community to ask questions.
(4) OnlineMsdn (http://www.microsoft.com/china/MSDN/default.asp)Online EnglishMsdn (http://msdn.microsoft.com /)Take an exam in your e-paper, but there are Kingsoft word tyrants, tuenhai are not afraid, what are you afraid!

Why do you choose vs. Net? Why are you optimistic about vs. Net? Check out how detailed Microsoft Help documentation is. If you don't take advantage of the huge help resources provided by Microsoft, are you a little sorry for Gates!

Csdn is China's largest developer network. Tuenhai most often goes to csdn
Document (http://www.csdn.net/develop)
Forum (http://expert.csdn.net/expert/forum.asp)
As long as you are good at using the search function, you may encounter many problems during development.DocumentAndForum. If you encounter problems during development and you think Bill Gates cannot help youCsdnIt will certainly make you satisfied.
I will teach you two tips: the first one is "Search big way ". Problems are first solved in csdnDocumentAndForumSearch to see if there are similar answers. If not, try again.
The second trick is to ask questions in the Forum politely and with sincerity. Many people will be happy to answer your questions.

3.Other related websites and columns
There are many websites that have opened up the Vs. Net column. It is always worth looking.
Pacific Development Zone (http://www.pconline.com.cn/pcedu/empolder/net)
Web monkey tutorial serializationHttp://act.it.sohu.com/book/slist.php? Class1 = 6
Tian Ji's Visual Studio. NET column (http://www.yesky.com/SoftChannel/72342380467978240/index.shtml)
CCID's net zone (Http://tech.ccidnet.com/pub/column/c340.html)
Vs. Net column (http://www.csdn.net/develop/author/netauthor/Latitude/) of latitude on csdn)
The wonderful world of Meng xianhui (http://xml.sz.luohuedu.net/xml)
Blog (Http://www.cnblogs.com/)

. Net blog (Http://dotnet.mblogger.cn)
Blog Hall (Http://blog.joycode.com/)

Beijing hope Electronic Publishing House Book material download (http://www.b-xr.com/bbs.htm)
Tsinghua University Press vs. net source code download (http://www.wenyuan.com.cn/soft_index.asp)

There are also tuenhai sitesHttp://www.Tuenhai.com

4.Foreign programming and learning resources
If your e-article is good, you may wish to go to the E-article website to learn the story.






Of course, another person on Earth knows that tuenhai, the world's largest knowledge warehouse, should have known it long ago.Http://www.google.comWhat is it!

Tuenhai Introduction: Students of tuenhai have some research on ancient Chinese traditional culture, are most interested in network and English, and have the best experience in philosophy. the common benefit has been, the sage is altruistic, I am not a saint, take the doctrine of the mean. hope to communicate with all the elites. MSN: King # tuenhai.com, QQ: 83087 my website:Http://www.tuenhai.com/

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